Composting and Gardening Tips by Kenmore

By Kenmore In-House Chef, Kari Karch

It’s that time of year again where we get to enjoy an exciting spring by composting and planting our own vegetables. Whether you are a novice or expert gardener, having the right tools and care are crucial for a flourishing crop season. Here are some of my essential pointers and suggestions for a budding season ahead.

Composting 101

Each year a typical household throws away about 474 pounds of food. Composting is quite easy and takes little effort and will supply you with a rich soil for planting your spring vegetables.There are lots of fancy and expensive composters on the market but I find that keeping a small waste receptacle near my kitchen sink does the job just fine. Once I collect a couple days worth of food waste, I then place it into a 5 gallon bucket that I have on my back porch. I add a couple of scoops of rich soil I purchased then give the mixture a toss every week. I also like to keep old newspaper underneath the lid to maintain an odor-free compost bucket.

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