Creative Gift Ideas For An Awesome Cook

Buying a gift is never easy. But what do you get for a cook? They probably have everything they need, right? Well, not always. A cook can never have too many things to help them in the kitchen. If anything, the more they have, the more creative they can be with their ideas, making them even greater than they already are.
So what should you get them? Here are  creative gift ideas for an awesome cook.

1. Combo Grill

This is a perfect gift to start with. Save them the trouble of deciding between a gas or charcoal grill for their backyard and grab them a combo grill.

Picture the smile on their face when they see the endless opportunities that await them. It’s even better in the summer when they can forget about spending time indoors and enjoy soaking up the sun as they cook at the same time.

In terms of what combo grill to get, there are plenty on the market but this curated list by has all the best ones in terms of quality and value.

For example, the Smoke Hollow PS9900 4-in-1 Combo Gas/Charcoal BBQ Grill & Smoker comes with four independent burners to give your cook so many options. On the other hand, the Char-Broil  3-in-1 Charcoal/Gas Combo Grill a crank adjustable-height charcoal grate, an access door and a slide-out ash pan, focusing on convenience.

2. Handmade Kitchen Boards

This gift idea for a cook is tailored towards getting them something more personal. There’s nothing a cook appreciates more than good craftsmanship. 

The beauty of buying something handmade is that it comes with a story, rather than just being released off the production line. Someone put a lot of hard work into making it - and cooks certainly know what this feels like. Much thought goes into creating a tasty dish.

You could even get one with a custom message engraved into the board. This personalized cheese board comes in a range of different materials, including beech, mahogany, oka, walnut and cherry so the choice is completely yours. Plus, personalizing the gift ensures that no one else in the world will have anything like it. Chefs love originality.

3. New Cookbook

One of the best things about cooking is that there is an endless number of possibilities. Whether it’s a twist on a classic or taking an idea from an exotic culture, a new cook book can give a cook inspiration to experiment and do something completely different.

As noted by Momma Cuisine, perhaps they also have a favorite chef that they follow that has released their own book of recipes and memoirs. If so, this is another route you can go down. They may not want to follow the recipe exactly as the book says, but they can certainly get a fresh idea or two they can apply to their own foods.

Of course, if you’re going to be creative, don’t just pick up the first one you see off the shelf. The last thing you want to do is look like you haven’t put any thought into it. Think of it like this way: would an awesome cook be that good if they just made the first recipe they thought of? Unlikely, so show them some appreciation and get a cookbook that they can actually enjoy using.

4. Anti Slip Shoes

Being a cook can be stressful, especially when the kitchen is all hands on deck on a busy evening. While it’s never good to rush, sometimes it can’t be helped. However, rushing does increase the chances of slipping on something on the ground.

Good footwear is essential for a cook but it’s often a piece of equipment that goes overlooked. So treat the awesome cook in your life to the gift of anti slip shoes. It’ll give them peace of mind that even when things get a bit crazy, they won’t have to worry about tripping up and hurting themselves. 

A few things to consider: make sure they are made from a comfortable material and that they are actually anti slip - too many manufacturers promise the world but fail to deliver.

Now, you may wish to get their input here. Plenty of anti slip cook shoes put substance over style so it’s a good idea to get their approval before purchasing. 

5. Automatic Pan Stirrer

This is a very creative gift idea for a cook. It’s a bit out of the ordinary, but once they start using it, they’ll never go back to the manual ways of the past.

The automatic pan stirrer is exactly what it says on the tin. It ensures the mixtures are consistently stirred, perfect for recipes that require a lot of attention. For example, this one clasps to the sides of pots and pans so it’s secure and won’t move out of place.

Another bonus is that an automatic pan stirrer frees up their time to prepare other parts of the meal at the same time. Mix sauces, gravies, cereals, soups, stews and more - all of which can be cooked without worrying about burning the pot and the contents. 

The days of scraping stuck food at the bottom of the pan are over.

6. Meal Out

Sure, chefs love to cook food. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be a cook in the first place. But they still love to go out and east at a restaurant just as much as everyone else. So, if you’re looking for a creative gift idea for an awesome cook, think about treating them to the ultimate dining experience.

Check out the new restaurants that have opened up in your area recently and book a table. Treat them to whatever they want on the menu. You could even surprise them with a meal at a restaurant they thought you’ve been too busy to visit or one that you previously said was too expensive. It will show how much you appreciate their hard work.

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