Delicious Light & Fruity Vegan Desserts You Must Try This Summer

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Summers come with the scorching heat that drains the energy quickly and makes it very challenging for people to go out during the day. However, to beat this exhaustion, summer also endows us with its healthy and delicious tropical fruits. The seasonal fruits available during the summer not only allow us the chance to make delicious and light desserts but also help us keep energized. They are rich in water, minerals, and vitamins, which help us stay hydrated and provide the body with much-needed energy. Desserts are also helpful in keeping the body cool in hot weather. The sugar content in desserts reduces sweat loss and boosts our strength that keeps up our performance levels.  However, if the desserts are too sweet, they work the opposite and make us lazy. To ensure you get the right dose of energy from sweets, it is better to keep them light. 

People are switching to healthier ways of eating all over the world, and there is no shortage of food blogs that support light and healthy meals. If you are interested in following a healthy food blog that caters to all your nutritional needs and doesn’t rob you of the taste, then go ahead and click on this link to explore a world of healthy, plant-based recipes.

Veganism today is considered a restricted lifestyle that robs you of all the proteins, but does it? Since it is a plant-based diet, those who follow a vegan lifestyle tend to take in more protein and minimize unhealthy carbs, which helps them perform well in everyday life. When you have different vegan food combos to try, it gets easier to know about veganism. So why not try having vegan-friendly fruity desserts? The recipes below are those indulgent treats you must try this summer.

Salted Chocolate Banana Bites

This dessert is a treat for you as it is purely gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Sweet and salty tastes combine in these frozen chocolate banana bites that come in small serving sizes. There are only two steps involved in making them: assembling and freezing. These banana bites are loaded with nutrients and make for a perfect snack, any time of day. 

Blackberry and White chocolate tart

Garnished with fresh blackberries, this tart redefines decadence. This flavorsome tart is made with gluten-free almond crust with chocolate and blackberry filling that gives a moist taste in the mouth. Its crust is made with gluten-free flour and coconut oil that are nutrient-rich. While the delicious filling is a combination of blackberries and dairy-free white chocolate. To adjust the sweetness, you can also add a few drops of maple syrup.

If there’s a party at your place, you can also make them a day before and store them in the fridge overnight for a quick-serve the next day. 

Mango ice cream

Sunny days call for ice cream, and this three-ingredient recipe is perfect for whipping up and enjoying on a hot day. All mango lovers are welcome to try their hands on this delicious vegan mango ice cream that will amaze you with its ideal texture. 

Our essential ingredient is coconut milk that is rich in vitamins and minerals and helps in preventing dehydration. The organic sugar that is known for its diverse health benefits is our second ingredient. Mix both of these with mango puree and get a perfect sweet and creamy texture & taste. 

Strawberry crumb bars

There is an excessive supply of strawberries throughout the summer season. Strawberry crumb bars are the perfect summer treats you can make from these luscious red berries. These bars are low in fat and free from gluten, and are made vegan. Buttery sugar cookie crust, sweet strawberry filling, and oat crumble topping perfectly describe these bars. The crust simply melts in your mouth while the strawberry filling gives a satisfyingly sweet and creamy taste. These healthy oatmeal bars made from real food ingredients are the best thing you will eat this summer. 


All the desserts mentioned above are light, healthy and extremely delicious with unique health benefits. The salt and banana combination will give you protein, while a mango ice cream will not just fulfill your sweet tooth craving but will also prevent you from getting dehydrated. When the strawberry filling melts in your mouth, the oatmeal crust will boost your immunity. To top it all, they are quick to make and quick to reimburse your energy levels. Unlike the other heavy desserts that just make you slow and lazy, vegan desserts tend to elevate your performance levels.

If reading this blog motivates you to adopt a healthier lifestyle, do not forget to explore the website referred to above. It debunks all the myths about veganism and plays its role in making people conversant with the vegan lifestyle. Not only that, you will find tons of delicious, unique vegan food ideas along with their quick-to-make recipes. Do not let this summer go without having some palatable vegan fruity desserts.

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