Difference between CBD Oil for Dogs and Humans

CBD, the latest entrant in the realm of natural medicine, has got everyone talking! Irrespective of the cause and severity, the natural medication seems to have a solution for everybody. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a kind of chemical which is psychoactive and treats concerns accordingly.

The essential wellness-promoting property among human beings is evaluated in the manner in which the cannabinoid tends to interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is referred to as one of the most crucial physiological systems beneficial in the maintenance and establishment of human health.

Cannabinoid receptors, in addition to endocannabinoids, are typically found throughout the human body. These are also majorly referred to as the connecting link between the mind and the body. The invertebrates, animals and vertebrates comprise of ECS, which is why CBD tends to affect them in a similar manner.

Have you been treating yourself with CBD for quite some time now and have been impressed with the benefits offered? Well, here is good news! You can even use this magic ingredient to treat your furry friend

There are multiple CBD products approved by the FDA to be used among dogs. Similar to humans, CBD is also a non-psychoactive drug for furry babies as well. Alongside there are a number of researches ongoing to prove the potential benefits of the medicine on dogs, and while not everyone agrees that 

Understanding CBD oil for dogs

The first question that pops on the mind of pet owners is ‘what is CBD oil?’ Well, CBD oil for dogs, similar to that of humans, is an extract derived from the plant of cannabis. It would certainly not make them feel high.

Although CBD might comprise about 0.3% of THC, however, it will only lead to boosting the potency level without causing any mind-altering impact. These come in varied forms, even for your little babies. Apart from oils, these also come in delectable CBD treats which are bound to entice your canine baby.

Now that you have reached the point where you can both share the same medical stash as with your little babies, you certainly need to find the difference between the oil for dogs and humans, if at all any! Let us dig a little deeper and unfold more about the buzzword and how it differs in its usage between a human and a dog.

Uses of CBD among dogs

Now, you might be wondering how CBD can induce your pet's health, and you will be shocked to know the number of health benefits it offers. Surprisingly, it can be largely beneficial for your dog’s behaviour and body.

Getting the best CBD potent for your dog can work wonders for your dog, in more ways than you can imagine. Let us explore the uses of CBD and how it can help your canine baby out.

CBD is recognized as a highly potential component for bringing a stark improvement in a dog’s life. Even the happiest furry babies are seen to get easily spooked with the loudest noises, experience separation anxiety, and a few more similar instances.

Research performed on dogs has shown a significant impact in treating a number of health concerns that include anxiety, epilepsy, seizure, chronic pain, bowel diseases problem and much more. Similar to humans, the component is non-psychoactive for dogs as well, and can also be highly effective in treating arthritis among the canines.

A study performed in the year 2018 has been successful in assessing the anti-inflammatory property and safety of the usage of oil among dogs suffering from osteoarthritis. The research formulated a dosage of about 2 to 8 mg.

The study evaluated a total percentage of about eighty percent dogs showing a stark improvement in pain and mobility as measured by two distinct veterinary resources. CBD is also largely known as a seizure suppressor among canines and also among human beings. About 5 percent of dogs are known to suffer from a serious seizure disorder.

Another small study in 2019 has found that epileptic dogs have been given the magical potent who was also suffering a seizure. It was found that there was a slow reduction in the occurrence of a seizure, as it managed to treat the condition well as compared to a placebo and other seizure medication. 

Apart from this, dogs suffering from anxiety due to separation, noise, car sickness and joint pain may also find potential relief from CBD and its intermittent doses. It helps to take off the stress and ease the little baby out.

While these studies tend to open the window and draw a positive conclusion on the impact of CBD on dogs, however, a few more studies are required to validate the researches even further.

What is the major difference between CBD oil for Dogs and Humans?

If you have been curious about giving your furry member a trial of the magical ingredient, you definitely need to have a thorough understanding of the difference between the oil for humans and for dogs. A lot of the owners who haven’t been taking CBD personally, are almost blind when they have to get CBD for their pet.

Well there are a number of pet-specific CBD products available in the market like nuleaf naturals CBD oil for dogs, which was reviewed by GreenTheVoteOk, and you can find Nuleaf Naturals coupon on this site.

And while almost all the brands have different versions of CBD for pets and humans, there simply lies no major difference between them. Here is a brief about the major differences as indicated between the two:

CBD oil for dogs is typically not much different as compared to the one for humans, except the level of dosage consumed by both. The serving recommendations are completely different, as it tends to vary depending on the human being and the dog.

However, FDA does have a distinct package labelling requirements for the supplements as meant for dogs and humans. Moreover, CBD oil does have added flavour options such as bacon, which makes it more attractive towards the pooches.

In addition to this, CBD oil for dogs is made using some carriers such as the cod liver oil that rightly enhances the impact of CBD among dogs. Apart from being palatable for them, it also helps to enhance their health in a significant manner.

Can CBD oil for humans be used on dogs?

Yes, you can certainly use CBD oil for humans on your little furry babies. In fact, a lot of individuals usually tend to start experimenting with their oil on their pets before giving them their very own.

If you realize the potential benefits of the oil on your pet and you wish to regularize it as a part of their daily routine, you can certainly incorporate it.

How can CBD be beneficial for your dogs?

CBD for dogs has been formulated with their specific needs in mind. The CBD consumed by humans is a lot stronger as compared to that of dogs.

It is essential to formulate the exact dosage of your pets as it is prescribed for him. This helps to make it less complicated and enables you to be strict to the dosage guidelines.

This makes it essential for you to offer your pet the oil that has been especially recommended for them. This is also because; human products might have certain ingredients that have the potential to harm your dog, such as an essential oil.

In addition to offering CBD oil, it is also suggested to offer CBD pet treats. We all are aware of how the treats are loved by pets and they are undoubtedly going to love your daily dosage of treats. The treats are further one of the best companions as they are an easy way to render a precise serving each time.

Dosage of CBD oil among dogs

The exact amount of dosage might vary from one dog to the other; however, the average suggested dosage is between 2-4 drops to be consumed 2-4 times on a daily basis. This dosage needs to be however adjusted based upon the size and age of the pet, along with the underlying condition.

Final Thoughts:

Hence, there lies no stark difference between CBD oil for dogs and humans, apart from the dosage and the additional flavours available. However, it is advised to make them consume the oils that have been prescribed exclusively for dogs.

While giving CBD oil to your dog for the very first time, it is important to wait for some time to observe any positive and negative reaction. Hence, after endowing the dosage, you need to watch and observe your dog cautiously.

For example, if you give your dog the potent half an hour before a firework show and you watch him lying peacefully during the festivities while they are usually seen cowering beneath the bed, CBD has certainly been active.

However, do not forget to observe any negative impact, if any, such as lethargy, excessive panting, nausea, vomiting, and loss of balance and so on. If you see your pet exhibiting any of these symptoms, then the dosage must have been way too high for the dog that might be experiencing toxic effects.

This is when it is best to seek a professional veterinarian in order to help your furry baby feel better.

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