DIY Housekeeping Tips to Prepare Your Home for Sale in 2022

As the two-year anniversary of COVID-19 approaches, parents may be wondering how to recoup from the financial hardships endured during the pandemic. Luckily, the housing market is primed for sellers right now, so, if you’re a homeowner, you’ll be able to sell for a huge profit.

While real estate agents always recommend some renovations prior to selling, those with little ones running around might not have the funds to spend on huge projects. Keep reading for some tips that can be completed without professional help or a large budget!


Purge your home of clutter

This may seem like a small task, but homes normally build up endless amounts of clutter. Since buyers are searching for spacious properties, one of the most important duties you can undertake before contacting a real estate agent is ridding your home of excess clutter.

To get started, begin by labeling your bins so you know what to keep, donate, or toss out. From there, simply choose a method that works well for you.

Some like to set a timer for a set amount of time each day. Others challenge themselves to find 10-15 items each day to keep, donate, and toss. There’s no one right way, but experts recommend sticking to a schedule for best results.

Tackle one room at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. And remember, anything you haven’t used in the last year — unless it has sentimental value — needs to go.


Develop a cleaning schedule

Now more than ever, buyers are easily turned off by dirty properties — we can thank COVID-19 for that. 

When cleaning, it’s important to use disinfectants regularly on areas that are touched often, like light switches, remotes, doorknobs, etc. This will help ensure the safety of yourself and others during the selling process when there will be lots of foot traffic in and out of your property.

Before inviting potential buyers inside, you’ll need to deep clean. Lots of people lack motivation for cleaning, so it’s best to set a schedule. You can either divy up tasks for certain days of the week, or set a timer for just 10-20 minutes each day to clean.


Tackle curb appeal on a tight budget


First impressions are important in all aspects of life, but especially in real estate. If your buyers pull up to the front of an outdated exterior with overgrown shrubs, chipping paint, and dying grass, they may just turn tail and run.

According to HomeLight’s Top Agent Insights for New Year 2022, buyers will pay 7% more for a property with excellent curb appeal than a home with a neglected exterior. The best part? Not only will curb appeal increase the price of your home significantly, but it’s also easy to achieve without professional help and with a small budget.

Basic yard maintenance is most important. Keep your grass mowed, and feel free to plant some extra flowers to give the place a pop of color. Next, focus on the entry way. Give your front door a new coat of paint, purchase an inviting welcome mat and prominent house numbers, or even buy a few chairs to set up a little seating area on the front porch. All this can be done inexpensively, but it’s sure to impress your buyers!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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