Drop-in Kitchen Sinks Buying Guide

As it name suggests, a drop-in sink drops inside a hole cut on a countertop during installation. Though drop-in sinks is the common name, they are also referred to as self-rimming, top mounts, or overmount sinks.

 If you buy a drop-in kitchen sink, you will get spoilt of options. In return, you may get confused on what to pick. In this article, you will learn how to choose the best drop-in kitchen sink for your needs, budget, and preference. To take a wise decision, I would recommend reading sink engineering’s drop-in kitchen sink reviews.

You need to consider some factors before buying one. In this buying guide, you shall have insight into what to consider before settling on a drop-in sink.

7 Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Drop-in Kitchen Sink

1. The Material Used in Its Making

What you intend to use your drop-in kitchen sink should guide you on the materials to consider for your sink. Is the sink's material strong enough to withstand vigorous activities or scratches? Can you clean the drain with ease? Drop-in kitchen sinks get made using various materials as follows;

• Copper: If you are looking for a rust-free or tarnish-free drop-in kitchen sink, look for one made using copper. But it develops a patina over time due to its natural state. Also, copper's antimicrobial nature makes the sink resist viruses and bacteria.

• Stainless Steel: It is the most common material used for making drop-in kitchen sinks. It comes in various gauges and finishes. Stainless steel is durable, easy to maintain, and lightweight.

• Cast Iron: The sinks come as heavy, and made from solid cast iron. Porcelain enamel get used in their coating to make them durable. Despite their long life, they come in various designs, colors, easy to clean, and resist heat up to 1,0000 Fahrenheit.

Granite: A resin base gets sprayed with a blend of acrylic and granite to create the sink. Such a sink is free from bacteria, stains, and scratches, and can withstand heat up to 5370 Fahrenheit.

• Composite: A mixture of materials, usually a combination of polyester resins or acrylic and granite or quartz, get used to making a sink. The resulting basin is often scratch, stain, and chip-free.

• Fireclay: The clay used in its making gets subjected to high heat, making the sink very durable. The sink never discolors and resists bacteria.

2. Number of Bowls

Single-bowl drop-in kitchen sinks are ideal for a kitchen with a small space. But if your kitchen is spacious, you can opt for a double-bowl to help in your bulk washing and make the process easy.

3.  Size

It doesn't make sense to buy a small drop-in kitchen sink while you have enough space for a big tub. It would also help if you had a sink with exact measurements as to where you want to install it. It won't help if the drain is bigger or smaller.

First, it's essential to take the measurements of where you want to install the sink to avoid any inconveniences. Then go for a tub with the matching size.

4. Compatibility with Various Accessories

Consider a drop-in kitchen that can accommodate other accessories. Check the sink's holes for faucets, dispensers, or sprayers. A one-hole faucet will work correctly with a drop-in kitchen sink with three holes when used with a deck plate, but the vice versa is impossible.

5. Price

Decide the amount of money you want to spend on buying a drop-in kitchen sink, then search for a tub to fit in that budget. Some drop-in kitchen sinks come with extra features to make the user experience better, but they come at a price. If your pocket can allow, it's nice to own such a sink.

6. Availability

Ensure you can quickly get the drop-in kitchen sink you choose. If it comes from a distant place, you may get inconvenienced by the effects of a lousy shipment, such as delays and damaging the sink. Try an option you can readily find from the store next door.

7. Design

Consider a drop-in kitchen sink with a design that will look pleasing to the eyes and improve your kitchen's appearance. Also, choose a color that blends well with the interior décor.

You may have known what to look for when buying a drop-in kitchen sink, but wonder why you need to choose this type instead of another kind of sink. Drop-in kitchen sinks come with many benefits, and you need to own one to enjoy them. Here are the reasons why you should buy a drop-in kitchen sink;

Benefits of Having a Drop-in Kitchen Sink

• Versatility: Drop-in kitchen sinks suits any kind of kitchen. For a small kitchen, a one-bowl sink will work out great while a double-bowl drop-in sink is ideal for a big kitchen.

• Attractive: With the many beautiful drop-in kitchen sink designs available today, you get spoilt of options. You can choose the style you love and improves the appearance of your kitchen.

• Affordable: Most drop-in kitchen sinks do not strain your pocket. Anyone can afford one

•Durable: You get assured of service for many years by a drop-in kitchen sink. Thanks to the various sturdy materials used in its making.

• Scratch-Free and Antirust:  Most drop-in kitchen sinks do not rust and cannot get scratched or chipped depending on the material used in their making

• Bacteria Resistant: Drop-in kitchen sinks are healthy to install because they resist bacteria.


A Drop-in kitchen sink is essential in every home, as they come with several benefits, as stated above. But not any drop-in kitchen sink is ideal for you. What might work for another person may not work out for you.

Therefore, it is essential to consider some factors, as explained above, before buying a drop-in sink for optimal results. Whatever drop-in kitchen sink you choose, ensure it meets your needs, preference, and budget.

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