Effective Ways To Make Your Home Child Friendly

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Your children are your most significant responsibility as a parent. So, it is vital to maintain a home you love and still ensure your kids' safety.

Below are a few ways to ensure your home is habitable and safe for them.

Keep It Clean

Cleanliness is more than a few scrubs and detergents. Keeping a clean home will provide your kids with a safe environment. Safe from infections, flu, or other hygiene-related problems.

Keeping a clean environment for your kids will also teach them a sense of self-responsibility. Whenever possible, allow your kids to take part in the cleaning activities to learn and help.

While engaging, ensure to take the necessary precautions such as not overworking them.

Update Your Security

As a parent, you can’t be everywhere all the time, but with cameras installed in your home, you can easily monitor them without being physically present.

In addition, your kids will need to be safe from thieves and kidnappers. But outdated locks and security systems will not make this possible.

To update your home security features and make your home safer and more habitable for your kids, you can do the following:

  • Updating your locks here

  •  Regularly check for breakages that easily let in kidnappers and other home intruders.

  •  Installing alarms to alert you of fire, gas leaks, or smoke.

  • Training your kids on various safety measures and precautions when they notice any peculiar events

Minimize Noise

Exposing your child to noise regularly during their critical development stages will significantly affect them. For instance, it will impair their language, speech acquisition, and general learning abilities.

In most cases, your kids will love participating in activities that are likely to impair their hearing. These activities include fireworks, playing with loud toys, and loud video games.

To protect your children from experiencing the adverse effects of too much noise, you can do the following:


  • · Encourage them to listen to music or play video games on low volumes.

  • If you live in an environment where noise is beyond your control, ensure your child wears the right size of hearing protection like earmuffs or earplugs.

  • Restrict the amount of time you allow them to spend in noisy environments or noisy activities.

You can also seek expert advice if you notice any serious hearing related problems.

 Invest In Round Edge Furniture

Different stages in your kid's life will come with various changes and requirements. For example, some stages will be very playful and more vulnerable to accidents.

To protect them during these stages, invest in round edge furniture that will minimize the number of accidents, and if they happen, they will not be so severe.

Furniture pieces with sharp edges are dangerous because your kids will get cut or have even more serious injuries.

Make It Spacious

Generally, kids love to play, and as a parent, it is your responsibility to provide them with adequate room.  This is because play is an integral part of your child's growth and development.

You can consider setting aside a room for their toys and games or sparing some space in your backyard for them. If you decide on an outdoor space, please keep it trimmed and look out for any sources of danger. For example, you can take away too many stones that your kids can trip over. You can also spray them to prevent dangerous insects like mosquitoes.

More space usually means more room for safe play.

Get Involved

Your children will always need your attention throughout their growth and development process. Often, you will need to get involved and show that you are concerned and you care about them.

For example, if your child got injured while playing, it is good to assure them that they will be alright. Likewise, when they are feeling unwell, let them know that you care about their health and that you will take care of them until they get well.

Getting involved will help you bond with them and understand the things they are going through. For example, if they are getting bullied at school or struggling with some feelings, getting involved will help you notice.


Children are a blessing, and you should handle them with great care. While child care will entail many aspects, their security is one of the most important.

As a parent, you will realize that having a beautiful home with the best décor and design is meaningless if your kids are at risk. But unfortunately, most houses are not built with the safety of children in mind.

Read through the tips in this article, and apply them to ensure your kids are safe whether or not you are at home.

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