Effective Ways To Secure Your Home Outdoor Areas

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Security statistics indicate that a burglary happens every thirty seconds, while the average loss from one amounts to $2 261. While securing your home’s indoor areas is essential, you don’t want to forget your outdoor space. Items like your barbeque grill, bikes, patio furniture, lawn mower, gazebo, etc., can also be targeted by burglars. Fortunately, you can secure your outdoor space with the appropriate strategies, including the following. 

  1. Invest in motion-detecting lights 

Investing in motion sensor lights is a great way to enhance your backyard’s security. These lighting options make it challenging for criminals to trespass on your property since they can be easily spotted by neighbors or passers-by when the light goes on. Likewise, it serves as a warning that you’re at home, even if you are away. If you and your household are out of town, your neighbors can quickly detect suspicious activities if your outdoor lighting keeps going on and off. Seeing these benefits, you want to consider motion-detecting lights if you haven’t already. When purchasing motion sensor lights, experts advise investing in options with replaceable LED floodlights hardwired into your home, as they are more reliable. 

While solar lights are great, they aren’t always reliable. Weather conditions like snow, rain, and overcast can cause them to work intermittently. You also don’t want to create opportunities for burglars by installing these lights in just one area. Instead, consider placing them in each exterior doorway, driveway, ground-level windows, etc. You also want to avoid installing them near your HVAC unit, furnace exhaust, or dryer vents, as they generate immense heat and cause phantom alerts. 

  1. Prioritize your fencing 

Your fencing is an essential security feature for good reasons. It establishes clear boundaries between your home and your neighbor’s property, preventing misunderstandings. Moreover, you can enjoy privacy when lounging in your backyard or throwing a nice party with family and friends. More importantly, it prevents criminals from easily entering your backyard and, ultimately, your home. Admittedly, you may already have a fence from around your outdoor area. However, fencing aims to protect your home entirely, and you may need to consider your current one if it isn’t doing this. Therefore, you’d find it helpful to inspect your fence to determine whether to maintain or replace it. If your fence sags or leans, it may be time to replace it. Missing pieces, insect damage, holes, etc., are signs that you need a replacement. 

In this case, working with a credible fencing professional will be helpful. You can consider visiting this link if you need work done on your fence. It’s essential to check in with the Home Owners Association regarding the rules governing what type of fence to install. Ideally, the best height for a security fence is between 5 and 6 feet, so keep this in mind. Also, ensure that you invest in materials that criminals can’t destroy easily. As a tip, consider growing thorny vines on your fence to prevent intruders from climbing or a lattice that would collapse on their weight and alert you of their presence. Other options include barbed wires and bulldog spikes, although you’d need permission from your Council before installing them. 

  1. Install security cameras and an alarm system 

A common yet effective way to ensure your backyard security is to install security cameras and an alarm system. It’s not uncommon for thieves or burglars to survey your property before attacking. However, the presence of these cameras can cause them to rethink their plans of invading your home. Moreover, an alarm system can go off and scare adamant criminals, while the cameras can capture their faces for immediate arrest. Additionally, you can save more on insurance, as insurance companies offer low premiums to customers who secure their property against vandalism, theft, or fire outbreak. 

Since technology keeps evolving, you want to also follow the trend to get the maximum benefits. Therefore, investing in security cameras with fast motion activation lighting is prudent to capture criminals once they get closer to your property. You also want to favor smartphone apps and night vision brands, so keep this in mind. You can read more about security cameras and alarms for a more informed decision. As a tip, install signs warning people about your security system. This way, you can prevent them from attempting to come close to your property. 

You can secure your outdoor area by keeping valuable items in your shed or garage instead of leaving them in your backyard. As a tip, purchase quality padlocks and chains to ensure no one can penetrate your shed or garage.

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