Enjoy A Private Chef Experience with @KS_Chicago with 35% Off Your First Booking

There was a time when private chef services were reserved exclusively for the rich and famous. Believe it or not, these days private chef services are not only affordable, but a great opportunity to experience gourmet cuisine and create new traditions for you and your family.

Kitchensurfing Chicago and I teamed up for a $500 Dream Dinner Giveaway last week, and my family and I got to experience a genuine Kitchensurfing private chef experience. As Momma Cuisine, I am constantly in the kitchen cooking. And I enjoy it and pretty good at it! So, hiring a private chef although a nice luxury, was never anything I thought was exciting. But I gave it a whirl anyway.

I invited one of my best friends, Dana Smith, her husband Aaron who was celebrating his birthday and their daughter Kennedy to join us for this experience. Our dinner was filled so much laughter, bonding and enjoyment. As a host, it’s sometimes very hard to stay in the moment during events and parties at home because I am constantly worrying about the food and all the preparations. This time, I was able to relax and enjoy the company of my husband, our friends and our children.

Our dinner party felt very exclusive, special and memorable. I truly believe that it is worth the investment to hire a chef from Kitchensurfing, than it is for me to spend the same amount of money and going crazy with all the preparations for the event. Hiring Kithensurfing can become a great tradition to do with friends and/or family every so often as well, and not just for holidays or special occasions. This is why I have teamed up once with Kitchensurfing to give you 35% OFF your first booking with Kitchensurfing until 10/31/2014. Take advantage of the offer and book your Fall or holiday event with a private chef experience from Kitchensurfing.


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