Festive Foods That You Don't Want To Miss Off Your Winter Menu

Are you starting to get in the festive spirit? While it may only be the start of November, the streamers are already preparing their Christmas catalog of films and movies. Meanwhile, the shops have started playing festive tunes, perhaps to encourage people to buy presents before the mad Black Friday sales. Regardless, that means you could be thinking about what’s going to be on your winter menu. Here are some options you won’t want to miss. 

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Beef Wellington 

First, you might want to try a beef wellington as a special part of your festive menu. Beef wellingtons are quite expensive if you buy them in the store. However, there are recipes that you can follow online to prepare them for yourself. An alternative but similar choice would be a roast beef tenderloin. This is the same type of dish without the fluffy pastry that covers the wellington. You can season the beef however you like. Although a mushroom sauce works wonders here and will taste absolutely delicious. 

Sweet Potatoes 

No Christmas dinner is complete without some mashed potatoes. Of course, you can go one better and opt for sweet potatoes. This will ensure that your meal tastes just a little better and also provides far more nutritional value. You can spice up this choice with rosemary. Or, alternatively, you might want to make it a dish unto itself by adding some roasted pecans. These compliment the flavor of the potatoes perfectly and a mash like this is sure to be a hit. It’s the perfect choice if you are searching for the right Christmas dinner menu ideas for this season. 

Turkey And Gravy

A classic choice for any festive menu, you should always have a turkey for guests to sample with the right choice of gravy. Gravy is a critical component because some people find turkey bland or boring. The gravy helps ensure that it does have plenty of flavor and isn’t too tough. You can also season the turkey with a variety of different herbs. For instance, you might want to try a recipe for thyme-roasted turkey. This has a delightful flavor which could make it the centerpiece option for your festive menu. Some people prefer lamb or ham for Christmas since it’s so close to New Year and miss the turkey completely. 


Eggnon is a festive treat that people either love or hate. If you add a little rum or even bourbon into the mixture, then it will soon send you to sleep after you have enjoyed a wonderful day of festive celebrations. It’s made from eggs, cream, milk and sugar. If you’ve never tried it before, it’s certainly worth a try. While you can buy this from the store around the time when the shops start stocking their festive goods, it’s also fairly easy to make it at home with a recipe that you can find online. 

We hope you love these ideas for your winter menu and that they help you get into the festive spirit. 

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