Finding Restaurants Open Near Me

Aren’t there days when you just feel like you can finish a whole bucket of chicken all by yourself? Or, maybe grab a pail of Ben & Jerry’s and binge it all while watching your favorite chick-flicks? Well, don’t you worry; we all experience days like these. And during these days, we’re like hungry little devils that cannot be tamed. It’s as if our stomachs are in the middle of a violent rally screaming “I want food and I want it now!” When it gets to that point, you should already know that resistance is futile. 

Yes, even when a very obvious problem is evident: All nearby food stores have already closed up shop for the day. 

Business hours is inconveniently keeping us from satisfying our hungry souls whenever we want. But hey, restaurants and food shops need ample time to resupply and recharge too you know. So we can’t really keep them from closing for the day. It’s much needed downtime to make sure that we keep on getting quality food. Luckily, some restaurants like to challenge themselves and refuse to let the hours mandate when they should and shouldn’t be serving. There are restaurants that manage to open shop forever – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Learn the nitty-gritty rules of opening one here

And just between you and me, these 24/7 restaurants are life-savers. They keep the hungry beast inside me cool and in control. I’m pretty sure you appreciate them as much as I do!

Question is, where can you find these convenient and delightful food stores? Well, there are a couple of places where you can look:

Scout The Area Yourself
When you’re really hungry, driving to the next town to grab something to eat is highly impractical and discouraged. The hungry monster inside of you would be unleashed before you even reach your destination. This is why, as much as possible, you should only look for convenient food stops near your place. You can do this by scouting the area yourself!

Go for afternoon drive or walk. We’re pretty sure there’s a good line-up of 24/7 restaurants in your city – especially when you live in a rather big one. Grab a bicycle and go out for a quick sweat. For all you know, you’ll come across terrific finds along the way! Don’t worry; you’ll know when you see one!

Yellow Pages

Rather old-fashioned but still a classic way to locate places. Yellow Pages is a term we use for those thick books that come with your telephone lines. It often holds contact numbers and addresses of local businesses. Most times, you can also find much needed information such as business hours and store branches in this directory. They’re pretty convenient especially if you want to have your food delivered instead of store-bought. 

Nowadays, we already have Yellow Pages online but if you’re the type to remain traditional, then you can always check out the hardbound books.

Online Locators

If you want a more convenient way to locate nearby restaurants, you can always try restaurant locators online. Some programs, like this one at, are also available as downloadable mobile applications so you can conveniently access them anytime, anywhere. Also, you shouldn’t really worry about application costs as most of these apps are offered for free!

Restaurant locators are pretty easy to use. You just key in your place in the map and it’ll show you all the available restaurants near you. You can also filter the results according to price, proximity, business hours, etc. It’s a practical tool for busybods because results come out in a matter of seconds.  It also works perfectly well with people (like me) who are pretty impatient and hungry all the time. 

Another great thing about this type of application is that it often allows clients to leave reviews in-app. By using the locator alone, you can already picture out a general idea of the restaurant you’ll be visiting or ordering from based on what other customers think. Although the final decision still rests on you, having the application can at least help you form realistic expectations.  

If you’re the type of person who likes instant results whenever and wherever, then you should really start browsing free restaurant locators online. 

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