Five Easy Steps To Make CBD Juice At Home

You know what? It's undeniable that nothing can beat homemade CBD vape juices. They barely demand a shoestring budget. They are not as expensive as the vape juices which we buy from the market. Not to forget, we can also customize its ingredients according to our choice. In a world where the market is full of deceptive vape juices, getting a real is not that easy. Thus, above all, with these homemade vape juices, we know what we are vaping.


Wait, we have a question. Were you lost for the last 4-5 years? Is your answer a 'no'? Then, you must have heard about vaping, at least once, till now. Vaping is reaching the hearts of its users endlessly, and we are entirely astonished by the superfast growth of vaping. As much as vaping is popular, vape juice is not leaving any chance to impress its users.


Vape juices are outshining the market with their delicious and exciting flavors. By the way, have you tried them? If yes, which is your favorite flavor? Well, we're still unable to choose one. There are so many flavors available in vape juices that it will take years to try them all. Vaping them can give you a heavenly relaxing and soothing feeling. But it's not over yet because we are not talking about ordinary vape juices. We are talking about CBD vape juice. Yes, the same one, which has several health benefits. Vaping CBD vape juices will not just give you the heavenly experience of vaping, but it will also give you the benefits of CBD. Not just this, vaping helps your bloodstream absorb the max of CBD. Impressive, right? Well, that's the magic of CBD vape juices.


Besides the popularity of CBD vape juices, CBD vape juices with less than 0.3% THC are now legal. It's one of the biggest reasons why markets are full of CBD vape juices. You can buy them easily. If you're more of an online shopping lover, you can also buy them online. Here's our top-picked website, which has a wide variety of CBD vape juices. Take a look,


Yes, you can buy CBD vape juices online or from the market, but as we said, nothing beats homemade. But is it so easy to make CBD vape juice at home? The answer is a big 'no'! But don't worry because we are going to make it easy for you. Yes, you heard it right. Today, we'll be sharing the five easy steps to make CBD juice at home. So, let get started with our special recipe-


Five Easy Steps To Make CBD Vape Juice At Home-

Here are the steps which will help you make CBD vape juice at home with greater ease-


  1. Understanding of its main ingredients-

To make a delicious CBD vape juice (isolate form), you need to have an understanding of these ingredients-


You will be making a standard CBD e-juice. It should be made up of these components-

       Propylene Glycol- PG is one of the basic requirements to make a homemade vape juice. It is an artificial organic compound that is sourced from fresh vegetables and is odorless and colorless. It's generally added to all tobacco products.

       Vegetable Glycerin- VG will give your vape juice traces of sugary taste, and it's relatively denser. VG makes a significant difference in taste. Both VG and PG are now certified by the FDA.

       Food Flavoring- You can add any flavor to your vape juice. However, we would recommend adding the flavors which are exclusively made for vaping or smoking. You'll need barely 10-20 percent of your chosen flavors, and if you want a stronger one, add seasonings (five percent).

       CBD isolate- CBD isolate consists of CBD in its purest form. It has neither THC nor any terpenes or other compounds. The rate of its concentration should be 99%, and it should be bright white.


  1. Supplies needed for making the CBD vape juice at home-


To make a CBD vape juice at home, you'll need these things-

       Pure vegetable glycerin

       Pure propylene glycol

       CBD isolate (500 mg, if you're a beginner and 1000 mg, if you're an active vape user)

       A glass bottle (30 ml)

       Needle syringe (one)

       Chosen flavorings


These are the quantities for a 30ml vape juice. You can adjust them as per your desired quantity.


  1. Let's measure the quantities-

As mentioned above, we'll be making CBD vaping juice for a quantity of 30ml. It will be the best option for you if you're a beginner. We'll need a ratio of 60 PG- 40 VG. So, for that, we will need 12ml of VG and 18ml of PG. Measure it with a syringe. Most of the flavorings already have PG in them. So, in that case, deduct the amount of flavor from the amount of PG.


Don't worry. You don't have to pass any mathematics exam. It won't be a problem if you'll accidentally add one extra ml of PG or VG. It won't make much difference. Now, we will measure CBD isolate (500 mg). It will give us a 16.6mg concentration.


  1. Mix the ingredients-

Next, you have to mix the mentioned ingredients in this order. You'll need to dissolve the CBD isolate in PG. Then, you'll have to add the rest of the ingredients. For this, firstly, take the bottle. Now, take 18ml PG in the bottle, or if your flavoring contains PG, take 15ml of PG and 3ml of flavor. Then, you'll need to put CBD isolate crystals in it. Once done, close the bottle with its cap and shake it.


Now, dip the bottle in a hot water container and let it rest for 10 minutes. After this, you'll need to shake the bottle vigorously again. Repeat this method until the content in the bottle gets transparent and free of CBD crystals. Now, add 12ml VG and shake the bottle once again for around 2 minutes.


  1. Ready to vape-

If you've followed the procedure correctly, your DIY vape juice is now ready to vape. Fill your vape tank with it. If needed, you can also customize your vape juice with terpenes or other compounds.


So, these were the five easy steps to make CBD vape juice at home. If you have followed them, try the juice. Share this easy recipe with the vape users you know. You can now make CBD vape juice with greater ease. All the best. Happy vaping.

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