Five Things Our Children Need From Us

One of the most valuable assets that parents can have in life are their children while these are not financial assets, you will find that they are the most valuable thing that you can do in life if you have them. Children are a blessing to every family and we often forget that these are little individuals. We want to give them the world, and while we can’t always hand them the world without a plastic globe, we can give them everything we have and more. 

Whether you are a parent to one child or you have half a dozen kids running around the house, you need to try to give them the following five things in life:

Baby Touching Woman's Face


The first and most obvious thing that we need to give our children is love. The more love we give them, the better they can be as people and that's  a proven fact! Happy and loved children are not only productive, they’re motivated and excited to learn and live. Children deserve to be loved and the more we show them our love, the more confident they will be as they grow. Love is the simplest thing that you can give your children, and we can never give too much love to our kids. 


Whether it’s knowing you have used MortgageCalculator.Org correctly to be able to budget to buy a house, your children need to have security to be successful individuals. You want to raise your children to feel like they are safe and if you can ensure that they are safe beyond their childhood, you’re going to raise happy children. They need to know that you are there to support and look after them, and if you can secure their future and beyond, children will be happier individuals.


Trusting our children - especially when they’re teenagers - is so important. They need us to have faith in them and in their dreams and when we do, they believe in themselves as a result. Giving our children every opportunity is so important for them to be successful and happy adults.


When our children know that we feel confidence in them, they are more confident in themselves as a result. Our children are not miniature versions of us; they have their own wishes and ideas, dreams and goals, and we need to have confidence in them to help them to feel wonderful about themselves!


Children need our patience. It’s very easy to lose control as adults because children are different to us and they think differently to us. It’s hard for us to not control children if we believe that they need to be led, but it’s important that we are patient while they learn and grow. If we are patient, we can nurture our children and help them to grow into happy people.

Children need a life of stability and security, and we can give that to them if we are patient and kind, we will see amazing humans rise up.

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