Foods Not To Eat While Pregnant and Why?

A healthy nutrition is important part of life. A good diet is crucial especially when one is expecting a baby. A pregnant woman who is fed well will keep her baby in a perfect healthy condition. The child will be in a position to have an excellent growth and development process. However the food that is given to the mother should not be just any food. There are some foods that are healthy and considered perfect while some are rendered dangerous. During pregnancy one should go through a special diet as advised by the doctor or a specialist.

Doctors have expressed fears on certain foods that are fed on by pregnant women. These foods are considered dangerous hence can jeopardize the health of the fetus. Several types of foods have been listed as the common culprits that can cause numerous health conditions during pregnancy. The following foods should avoid during pregnancy.

Honey is one of the foods that are considered unsafe during pregnancy. Scientists have observed that honey contains botilinum spores which can form a lethal poison known as botulism. The food poisoning will not affect a mature person because they produce an acidic substance that suppresses the botulism. However the unborn child is still weak and does not have an established digestive system to contain the toxins.

Pregnant women are not allowed to eat any kind of seafood. Seafood especially fish contains poisonous mercury substance in them that are not safe for humans. The mercury is said to affect the nervous system of children inhibiting their process of growth and development. Even though it may not be fatal to the mother it is still hazardous to the unborn baby due to his/her vulnerability.

Any milk that is not pasteurized is considered unsafe for consumption during pregnancy. This milk contains harmful bacteria called listeria. The listeria bacteria can infiltrate the placenta to where the baby is causing various infections. Listeria can lead to blood poisoning which can cost life. Listeria can also cause miscarriage. Therefore a pregnant mother should make sure the milk she drinks is pasteurized.

Caffeine: doctors have insisted that caffeine has the ability to cause a miscarriage. Even though some experts have said that caffeine is not very dangerous in pregnancy one needs to be cautious about it. To be on the safe side a pregnant person should abstain from caffeine completely. Apart from caffeine a pregnant woman is advised to stay far from the bottle during the entire period. Alcohol should be avoided completely lest she puts her baby under risk.

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