Fun, Friendly, Familial: 3 Approaches to Creating a Better Family Dining Experience

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Many families seldom sit at the dinner table anymore, and a great family dining experience should be one where there's a lot of conversation and great food. So what does it take to have the foundations of an amazing family dining experience? Here are some components to consider. 

Fancy Furniture

As obvious as it sounds, ensuring that you have comfortable furniture is going to make a big difference to the overall quality of your dining experience. If your children are struggling to sit at the dinner table because they are too small, you might want to think about upgrading your seating to something that makes everybody more comfortable and less focused on how difficult it is to eat. You may also want to think about the aesthetics to foster a warmer and more relaxing environment. Wood furniture is fantastic for this because it creates that warming feel, companies like Created Hardwood provide wood furniture to get you started, but you should also think about more calming colors on the walls, such as light blues and creams. 

The Background “Noise”

We don't all consider background noise as being a pivotal part of our dining experience but when we go to restaurants, there's something to be said for how the music contributes to the ambiance. Some restaurants play music incredibly loud, which can detract from the overall experience, so you need to decide what's going to benefit you and your family. Your family may want to have more conversations, in which case you can use this opportunity to play some relaxing music at a very low volume. It's also extra bonus points to expose your children to more cultural music, things like Mozart and Beethoven are incredibly relaxing and can make for a far more calming environment

The Right Clothes

This can seem like a major curveball, especially for families with young kids, but there are many people who like the idea of dressing for dinner. This makes it much more of an occasion, but if you've got kids that think nothing of making a lot of mess during dinner times, you might want to think about taking them out of their normal clothes and putting them into something that you don't mind them making a mess of. If they’ve just come home from school in a uniform and started wiping their pasta-stained lips all over the sweater, getting them into their dinner-stained slacks can make a big difference here, which means you don't feel so stressed about the mess that they are making and can enjoy the occasion more. And, if this doesn’t work, make sure they have a napkin right next to them; setting the table with a napkin can be that subtle reminder that they need to wipe up any mess after themselves!

When you start renovating your home, you may want to think about creating a dining room that covers a lot of bases. It might be a home office and a place for the kids to play, but it should be, first and foremost, an amazing dining room. Make sure you focus on the experience to elevate your meal times.

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