Genius Kitchen Hacks To Save Time and Money

You think that you might have the kitchen all figured out. But the thing is, there are always lots of new little tricks or hacks that we can learn in the kitchen. When we cook after day after day, a couple of hacks here or there to make things simpler, as well as speed up the time spent in the kitchen, is always welcome. Even if you love to cook, a couple of ways to speed things up can always help. So here are a few kitchen hacks that you need to try. I hope that you find them useful!


Make Food Last Longer

There are a few little tips and tricks to try when it comes to making food last longer. They don’t help to speed up the cooking process, but it will mean less trips to the store if your food lasts longer. First of all, store tomatoes with the stem down, if they aren’t in a sealed bag. It stops the air getting in through the part where the stem was once attached. To stop bananas from going brown too quickly, use some plastic wrap to seal the end of the bunch. Similar to tomatoes, it stops the air getting to the banana, as well as stopping gasses seeping out from the banana. If you have cut fruit, then we have all heard about a few drops of lemon stopping it from browning. You can also use some honey and water mixed together to stop the browning process. Makes it taste great too!

Ditch the Peeler

Peeling potatoes can be a bit of a time-consuming chore. So ditch the peeler and just use your hands! All you need to do is to put the potatoes in boiling water for a couple of minutes. You don’t want the potato to get too soft; you can carry on cooking them afterward. After they’ve been in the boiling water, put the potatoes in an ice bath. The skin will separate, and it will peel right off using just your hands. Such a time saver!


Save Time Chopping

It can be pretty time-consuming to chop up cherry tomatoes or even grapes when you’re having to do them one by one. So what you need to do is to use a flat plate or a chopping board and spread them all out on there. Then using another flat plate or a chopping board, place it on top of the grapes or tomatoes. Using a sharp knife, like a Kamikoto one, you can slice through them all at the same time. So slice in the middle of the two plates or boards. All hail not having to chop them in half individually! For big roasts, look for the best electric knife for slicing brisket.

Use Dental Floss

Do you find that chopping up soft cheeses like brie and mozzarella are really messy? Even when you’ve got a cheese knife, it can still go all over. Slice it using dental floss, and it will leave no mess. Perfect hack for dinner parties or cheese and wine nights.

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