Getting Your Home Cozy In The Cold

When the weather gets chilly, we do what we can to avoid cranking up the thermostat unless it is absolutely necessary. Chunky sweaters, knitted blankets and extra comforters are all on the menu for you when you get too chilly and don’t want to switch the heat on, but what about your house? Believe it or not, your house gets cold just like you do and needs as much TLC – if not more – as you do.


Houses take a lot of work to keep warm during the colder days and with prices on utilities rising all the time, leaving the heaters off and protecting the house from the cold is important. Not only do you need to be careful of permanent damage to the home in the cold, but you need to make sure that you aren’t spending unnecessary money on fixing up areas that get broken down due to the weather. It’s far more fun to spend money on upgrading areas of the house or on new kitchen appliances like these, than it is to gut out the loft! There are also elegant space heaters which won't be intrusive looking and blend in with your decor. Also, you can have electric bathroom radiators, which will surely be a great addition to your bathroom. They will heat your bathroom and will dry your towels as well. Thus, you will be able to have a warm and cozy towel right after the shower and enjoy it. With these tips, you can keep your house snug, cozy and protected while protecting your wallet!
  • Let there be light: Opening the curtains and blinds to let sunshine stream through the windows is a natural way of letting warmth through the home. It may be cold outside but if the sun is shining there’s going to be warmth in there somewhere!
  • Dress your pipes: The pipes that run through the attic and under the house are all susceptible to getting a bit chilly when the weather turns. By adding electrical heat tape for water pipes, you can basically give those pipes a coat to keep them toasty through the cold hours in the day. This way, you can avoid the pipes freezing, cracking and flooding the house. Winner!
  • Line those drapes: Curtains can keep a lot of the cold out of the house so if you draw them closed once the sun sets, you can keep all the accumulated heat in the daytime from seeping through the window glass. Insulated curtains will always keep the house warmer!
  • Seal it up: Where cold air gets in, the room cannot maintain the level of heat that is comfortable for you. Air leaks come in through vents, attics, basements and even around the bath.
  • Floor it: Did you know that if your floors are not insulated, you could be losing up to 10% of the warmth in the room? If you have wooden or vinyl flooring through the home, invest in thick, squashy rugs to trap the heat in the room. Not only can you keep the flooring warm, you keep your toes warm when you run to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
Ultimately, you need to keep yourself warm and keeping your house warm is the best way to help yourself – and your purse – do that. With the heat staying in the house where it’s supposed to, you won’t be spending money on your heating bills. We’d call that a winning situation!

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