GLASS JAR VS. PLASTIC JAR: Which is the perfect material for blending purpose?

Are you thinking of going to the market to buy yourself a blender? Out there, you would find two types of jars, glass and plastic made. But which to pick?

I know that material selection is a must when it comes to an appliance related to cooking. You can't overlook the quality. The type of containers used for blender may not decide its blending skills. But it points to a few things to note.

Are you confused about glass jar vs. plastic jar? No need to get worried. I'm here to help you. Let's figure out the features of both types of blending containers.

Glass Blending Containers

Most people prefer using glass jugs as blenders. It has tons of advantages. Such as:


• Lasts long in terms of use 
• Washing seems easy
• No unwanted smell
• No leak assured
• Gets no stains

But blending cups made of Glass are a bit expensive. It's a little heavy. Hence, it's not easy to carry and manage.

Are you looking for blenders with glass jugs? Stop your search. Get yourself the glass blender with fantastic features.

Plastic Blending Containers

Have you decided to buy plastic jugs as blenders? Then you must get a quality check. It's because quality differs a lot. Some are free of BPA, while others aren't. Its advantages are:

• Easy to manage
• Lower in price 
• Light in weight
• Easy to carry
• Lasts long
• Variety of sizes

But an essential thing. It gets scratched very easily. You'll find it a bit tough to get rid of stains. 

Glass Jar vs. Plastic Jar: What to look while selecting?

While choosing the right material for your blender, you need to focus on a few points. I would suggest you check the following features at one glance:

1. Durability 
When it comes to selecting jars for blenders, its lasting nature matters a lot. Both plastic and glass jugs are durable, but I would say in different terms. The glass one is strong but may break if it falls. On the other hand, in plastic materials, you are free of worries like getting broken.

2. Weight
I don't think I need to tell you this. You already know about it. Plastics jars are very light. But talking about glass containers, they are a bit heavy.

3. Resistant to stain
Well, glass blending jugs are specialized to resist catching stains. No matter how much sticky or coloring item you pour in it. But this feature is not the same for the plastic made jars. Plastic blending containers get stains very quickly. That's why I dislike such a mess.

4. Resistant to heat
When it is about resisting heat, glass containers sound the best. There is no risk that it will get damaged when heated. But as you know, plastics are not that heat resistant. Most jars made of plastic melt easily when it comes in contact with the slightest heat.

5. Odor retaining nature
Well, the unwanted smell is something that no one is fond of receiving. It is a fact that plastic built blending jars hold smell. Removing such odor is not easy at all. But on the contrary, it is not the same for glass jugs. They don't retain odor. Hence, in terms of odor, glass containers are more suitable.

6. Cleaning
I'm pretty sure no one wants cleaning trouble. If you want that, too, I would advise you to use a glass blending machine. Glass containers are easy to maintain and cleanse. You are sure to get any stains. But the plastic jugs don't give you the same advantage. I feel cleansing the plastic made jars need more effort plus time.

7. Affordability
Every buyer care about the price of the products they are about the buy. So, let me help you here. Glass made jugs don't fit the pocket budget. You may find it a little costly. However, plastic blenders are budget-friendly.

8. Eco-friendly nature
Most often, buyer overlooks such facts. Glass blending containers are amiable to the environment. They are recyclable too. Whereas, most plastic containers are not suitable to use in terms of the environment. They serve harmful chemicals. But nowadays, BPA free plastics are also available. They bear no risk to the environment.

9. Safety issue
Glass jugs may get damaged or broken easily. Thus, it may harm you. No such possibility for plastic jugs. But if you are using the plastic one, make sure the quality is the best.

I've played my part to help you decide. Now it's totally up to you. Be it Glass or plastic, quality is essential. So, check all the necessary facts before you get yourself a bender.

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