Good Reasons To Avoid Big Cities When Travelling Across America

America certainly has its fair share of amazing cities. From the Big Apple to Los Angeles, there are plenty of big congested cities to have a holiday in if you really wanted to. However, we find that there are lots of problems when it comes to exploring a big city. In this post, we’re going to share those findings and also explain why you should avoid big cities when traveling across the country.

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Big cities are just exhausting

When you’re traveling across a big city, you’ll find yourself being shoved onto public transportation or getting stuck in large traffic jams on a regular basis. While it might be your holiday, others in the city are probably still trying to get to work and continue their usual day. As such, you’ll find that it can be exhausting to get around a large city. Instead, why not consider visiting a rural area? Somewhere quieter and away from those big cities so you don’t need to feel exhausted just moving from one place to the next.

This is a great option if you’re trying to enjoy a relaxing and laid-back holiday. Quieter places are great because you can generally just walk everywhere if it’s not too far, you can ride a bicycle, or you can even rent an inexpensive car.

Exploring lesser-known places is a lot of fun

You can discover plenty of gems across America if you’re willing to explore. For example, there are loads of fun things to do in Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. It’s also a fairly quiet place compared to some of the other big tourist destinations, meaning you won’t get stressed out traveling around and you get to unwind as you relax and enjoy this smaller city.

It’s liberating to explore lesser-known places because you can uncover some really amazing places that you would’ve never considered visiting in the past. We definitely recommend that you try and go for lesser-known places so that you have more reason to explore and you won’t feel like you’re being forced into certain tourist attractions.

You have more freedom when you get away from the big cities

We find that things can go wrong if you base most of your holiday around big cities. This is because large cities require you to plan a schedule of things to do and visit, otherwise you’ll just be stuck in a crowded and noisy place for the duration of your holiday. Some people thrive in these kinds of environments and they love it because it makes it feel more touristy.

However, if you’re looking for a more laid-back holiday, then you’ll find that it’s far more liberating to visit some rural areas. You don’t have to have a plan for every day, you don’t have a strict schedule to stick to, and you can just enjoy your vacation at your own pace. You get far more freedom compared to big cities and there are still plenty of things to do as long as you’re willing to explore.

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