Great Items for Moms with Newborns

Congratulations! You’re a mom for the first time! Or perhaps it’s your second, third, or fourth child. Or are you still expecting? Either way, you must be thrilled but also exhausted! Babies are amazing; the love you feel is indescribable and like no other, but being a mom is tough. This is why it’s essential to have everything you need to make your life a little easier, especially when nurturing a newborn. They are the most vulnerable and dependent in these first few months, and if you are a first-time mother, this experience will be completely foreign to you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, below are a few items you might find useful; if you don’t already have these items, think about ordering them for yourself. 

Nursing Bra
Breastfeeding isn’t always easy, and some mothers struggle with the process. If you are finding it hard, don’t let it get you down. It’s completely normal, so keep asking your doctor for advice. If you are trying to breastfeed, make sure you have a nursing bra to help give you the right support and make feeding your baby easier. The removable panel enables you to quickly give your baby access to your breast without you having to wiggle your arm in and out of your bra or fumble with the clasp at the back.

Babies are messy – incredibly messy. Food, spit-up, pretty much everything can end up on their face, hands, and who knows where else! This is why having as many bibs as possible at hand will be a lifesaver. A long sleeve weaning bib from Bibado is also worth purchasing: they fit over a highchair to give maximum coverage, and usually, they’re waterproof, too. These can be used throughout their first months up until they become a toddler. 

Teething Ring
Teething rings are great for giving the little ones something to bite down on while they're going through this process. Teething can be very painful for babies, and you can expect a lot of crying and restless nights as a result. They will try to chew just about everything, so purchasing them something specific they can use might be a good idea. You might also want to find some suitable soothing ointment to help ease their pain. 

Diaper Cream
Another big discomfort to your baby will be a diaper rash. It’s a very common occurrence, but if you have ever experienced chafing between your thighs or something similar, you’ll understand how painful and uncomfortable it can be! Stock up on moisturizing and soothing diaper rash creams to help treat your baby’s chapped and irritated skin. 

Mom’s Care Package
Do you know what else is essential when you’re a new mom? YOU! Make sure you’re taking care of yourself and enjoying some treats once in a while. Get yourself some nipple cream for a start; you will need it, especially if you’re breastfeeding. Beyond the baby-related items, though, indulge in some nice bubble bath or fancy products to help make your feel like YOU again. Its life’s biggest challenge, becoming a parent, so be kind to yourself, and remember no one finds it easy! 
There are many other essential items that you will need to help care for your baby, but those above are a good place to start. 

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