Handling A Problem Tree In Your Yard

A good tree can add a lot to your garden. It can add some dimension and extra life without the need for as much micro-management as flower beds. It provides an extra level of privacy for the home. If you have children, it can even act as a playground. However, if you’re experiencing problems with your tree, it can start to become more of an eyesore and even a danger. Here, we’re going to look at what you can do to deal with it.

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If it’s overgrown

You might like to see a tree growing, bursting with life when the spring comes around. However, if it gets overgrown, then it’s going to need some maintenance. Trees that grow too far can lead to branches that can break due to their own weight, falling on people and causing real harm to them. Otherwise, they produce more leaves, which means they are more likely to clog up your gutter, which then leads to leaks. Make sure your trust a qualified tree surgeon to trim back those trees as, otherwise, you can cut too much, leading to shock which can parts of it to die.

What if your tree is sick?

It’s a very common problem that people will see a tree that is without leaves, even as we get into the spring, and assume the worst. Know the signs of a sick tree before you pay for someone to come out only to find that it’s dormant and entirely fine. Diminishing healthy leaves, brown and brittle bark, and gradual leaning are signs the tree is sick and may need intervention. The sooner you get in touch with an arborist, the better your chances of saving it.

The problem of a dead tree

Even more of a problem than a sick tree is a dead one. If the branches are brown, have no leaves, and are falling all over, that’s a good sign your tree is no longer alive. Rot and fungus typically affect trees that are dead or dying too. If you can’t save it, you should rely on land clearing specialists who offer tree removal services. A dead tree can cause a lot of problems for your yard, including spreading rot and pests.

The roots of the matter

The problem might not be above the surface, but may instead be under the ground. The roots of a tree can grow far and wide, and they can do damage to the home. Root damage can affect your pipes, it can affect ground surfaces, like paving or concrete, and it can even weaken your foundation. However, you can cut the roots to prevent them from growing in that direction or you can install root barriers that they will not be able to grow through.

You shouldn’t let your desire to keep a tree get in the way of the practical concerns it may bring it grows wrong, becomes sick, or dies. Make the decision that’s best for your garden and your home.

Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels

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