Healthy Bites to Binge Eat While Gaming Online

Started delving into the ecstatic world of online casinos? After all, the bright lights and beautiful game designs are worth it! The market for online gaming is set to grow, which only means one thing - more binging while gaming. 

Binging is no difficulty when playing the single-click slots on the best sites like CaptainCooks Casino since the integrated interface and low data requirements make these games playable even on the go! However, binge eating the wrong food can kill your workout gains faster than you think. To avoid this, check out the healthiest food to binge on while gaming online!

pancake with orange and blueberries beside scattered chocolate and coffee beans

Zucchini Chips

Add a dash of vinegar, season these chips with some salt, and you're good to go. Baked zucchini chips are easy to make and are relatively healthy. Each half-cup serving would be a maximum of 40 calories. Compared to a pack of potato chips with a minimum of 150 calories, these chips are a blessing to any binge eater! 

Blueberry Yogurt Bites

Frozen blueberry yogurt bites can be supremely healthy. A dozen bites would only add 38 calories to your body. Thus, it barely impacts your diet plan! Additionally, blueberries have rich nutritional value due to their antioxidants. Overall, this is the perfect snack for a hearty online gaming session! 

Broccoli Tots

It's no surprise that broccoli can be a mood-killer when boiled. We grew up hating these vegetables! But you can give the healthy broccoli a tasty twist. Baked broccoli tots can significantly reduce the fat content of the tots instead of frying them. It also assures you the full nutritional value of broccoli, that's high in fibre and Vitamin C. 

Kale Chips 

Kale chips are a blessing in disguise for all binge gamers! If you have a habit of stuffing chips when you're anxious about a game's outcome, kale chips can rescue your diet plan quickly. You can use a single Kale to make four servings of the chips. Additionally, the calorie count is just 84!

Roasted Green Bean Fries

Are you a fan of French fries? Then we might have just cooked up a healthier choice. Roasted green bean fries are as snack worthy as the classic dish. Make them by combining coconut oil and nutritional yeast! Add a creamy dipping sauce into the mix, and you're all set to binge away to glory! Ditch unhealthy ketchup and switch to sour cream or nonfat Greek yogurt to enjoy the dish's health benefits to the maximum.

vegetable salad on white ceramic plate


We're sure you've heard of it time and again. But, if you've still not tried it, you must. Pair it up with raw veggies and enjoy guilt-free munching! Another reason why you may not be shifting to hummus is that it's costly. But, it's relatively easy to make. Search up a recipe and get started ASAP.

Binge away to your heart's content while gaming online with these tasty, healthy bites! Enjoy the thrill of online wagering, and have a relaxing and healthy weekend! 

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