Helping Your Child Prepare for College

After high school, the next step for most teenagers is usually heading off to college. While this isn’t a path that everybody chooses, if your kid is interested in pursuing higher education when they turn eighteen, it’s time that you begin to plan. 

Colleges will expect a certain level of academic achievement from students who are applying, and additional involvement in extra-curricular activities look impressive on these applications, too. As a parent, naturally, you will want the best for your child and to see that their dreams are realized. 

Here are some ways you can help to prepare your teenager for college during their remaining years at high school. 


It is always a challenge as a parent to find the right balance between being fair and being a disciplinarian. This can be even harder when your kid becomes a teenager — an age group notorious for rebelling against their parents. Therefore, you should always make sure they are taking their education seriously. During these final years at high school, it is important to make sure they are studying efficiently for their final exams and getting good grades for college. Try to introduce set study hours at home in the evenings and weekends to make sure they’re making the most of their time. 


This is the most important thing you can do for your kids at any time in their life. High school can be tough and feeling the pressure of getting good grades can be overwhelming for teenagers, especially when they’re facing all the other dramas in their young lives (we’ve all been there!). 

If you can see that your kid is struggling, offer some kind words of encouragement to make them feel better and keep them motivated. Sit down with them and help if they’re struggling with homework or can’t understand revision notes. Remind them that they’re not alone and are capable of achieving their goals. 


If your child has discussed with you what they think they’d like to study at university, do your research into the subject to help them plan for their college application. For example, find out the entry requirements like these Bloomsberg University requirements at CampusReel. If you have an understanding of what is expected from your kid when it comes to college applications and interviews, you will be able to help them prepare more efficiently.

Hire a Tutor

If you can see that your child is struggling with one or two subjects at school, consider hiring a private tutor to give them some extra attention. In a large class, school teachers might not be able to give each student as much attention as they would like to, which is why some kids might struggle more than others. Having this extra help will increase your kid's confidence and ability to understand the topic. 


Finally, remember to include your kid in the discussions about their future. It is, after all, their life and they need to be happy with the choices they make. You might not necessarily agree with their choice of degree, but if they’re passionate about it, you need to let them have that experience. They will appreciate you taking the time to ask what they want and listen to their concerns and ideas. 

Kids grow up so fast! It might be unbelievable that your child is now choosing colleges, but just remember these tips to help support them through the process and their last years in high school. 

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