Here’s How To Make Bigger Clouds With The Best Eliquids

Most people begin vaping because of their love for clouds. You might also find a group of friends vaping and competing over the clouds. Everyone wants to produce more giant clouds to get all the hype and attention.

If you also want it, know the tricks to make bigger clouds.



Tricks to Produce Bigger Clouds

Before understanding ways to produce more significant clouds, knowing what clouds mean here is vital. When a vapor switches on the vaping device, the e-liquid in the tank becomes hot and produces vapes, the vaper inhales this vape through the mouthpiece and then exhales it. When the vapes come out, they look like dense clouds.

It means, if you want giant clouds, the vaping device has to produce more vapes. So, here are some tricks to get dense and significant clouds with every hit.


       Increase the Power

One of the most effective ways to increase cloud production is increasing the power of your vaping device. It allows e-liquid to vaporize at a faster rate. Most vapers report that operating a powerful battery vaping device with a low resistance coil produces more vapes.

It is from where the concept of sub-ohm vaping arises. It means vaping with a device that offers a resistance of less than an ohm. Resistance is an obstacle that a particular material provides to the flow of electric current. It means, if the resistance is low, a more electric current could flow from the circuit.

A vital fact to know here is increased power does not mean more vapor production. It will allow you to inhale those vapes at a faster speed, eventually giving dense and enormous clouds. However, before trying sub-ohm vapes, make sure you read about them. Despite its several benefits, sub-ohm vaping is dangerous if you are unaware of the safety tips.


       Increase Airflow

If you use a vaping device with low resistance and high power, airflow becomes a significant element for a smooth vaping experience. Because of low resistance, high wattage, and an increase in power, the temperature of the vaping device might increase to a level that is uncomfortable to vape.

In such a situation, a continuous flow of fresh air is necessary. When fresh cool air enters the device, it cools down the temperature making it suitable for vaping. Besides, increased airflow also supports giant clouds. An increased airflow on the atomizer means more air will travel over the coil. With this increase in the flow of air over coil, the vaping device produces vapor at a faster rate. Eventually, more smoke comes out of the device in less time giving big clouds.

For thicker clouds, the vapors have to condense faster into the clouds. A good airflow also supports that.


       Pick the E-Liquid Carefully

We all know that choosing the best e-liquid is one of the most vital parts of achieving dense clouds. Every e-liquid has two main components, Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. Both the components have different purposes in the e-liquid.

PG is a popular compound used in soaps, shampoos, lotions, etc. Its purpose in e-liquid is to offer the throat hit and flavor. On the other hand, VG is solely responsible for the vapor. So, if your only purpose of vaping is cloud production, go for an e-liquid with a high proportion of VG.

You can purchase e-liquids with almost 80% or 90% of the VG ratio. Although those liquids might not offer good flavor or stiff throat hits, they will surely give you denser and bigger clouds. If you further increase the VG ratio, the vape might not taste good because of the lack of PG.

So, before purchasing an e-liquid, ensure it has a balance of PG and VG to give you good flavor and significant cloud production.


       Open Your Air Holes

More air holes mean more vapor will come out of the vaping device, forming big clouds. You can make alterations to your vapes' air holes ( after following the required instruction). Besides, some devices come with in-built open-air holes for more vapes.


       Inhale More

If you want thick clouds and more extensive hits, inhale the vapes in your lungs directly. A stiff throat impact might feel uncomfortable in the beginning. You might go through a cough and salivate. However, after some time, you will get comfortable with it.

While directly inhaling in your lungs, try to inhale slowly and for a longer time. It ensures large clouds on exhalation.