{home&garden} Tips on Finding a Fresh Christmas Tree

After the Thanksgiving celebrations, there seems to be a sense-of-urgency for the Christmas events to come, starting with Black Friday. People are buzzing about packing in malls and shops to get the biggest deals. Cars are zipping through town with trees atop, tightly roped for safe travels to it’s new home for the holidays.

Some families do nothing less than a fresh-cut tree to adorn their family and living rooms for the Christmas season. Others, do it only occasionally.

There is no doubt that the scent of a fresh tree helps to make Christmas come to life. If you have been thinking of getting a fresh tree this year, read the tips I found from the National Christmas Tree Association (YES, it exists!) to help you in your adventure of finding the perfect tree for your home.

  • Christmas trees are a renewable source and grown in farms “just like any other crop”.

  • “Artificial trees are a petroleum-based product manufactured primarily in Chinese factories. The average family uses an artificial tree for only six to nine years before throwing it away, where it will remain in a landfill for centuries after disposal.”

  • Some of the NCTA 10 tips on finding a tree are: Measure your ceiling; Run a branch through your hand – the needles should NOT come off easily; Bend a branch – it should be pliable and not snap or else it’s too dry.

  • Recycling the tree – See what your community is doing to recycle Christmas trees to help the environment.

  • Visit, click on the map and easily find places/farms near you who sell fresh trees.

Make this into a fun family affair, grab some hot cocoa and get out there and cut a fresh tree for your home. Timmmmbeeeerrr!