How a Dog Could Improve Your Mental and Physical Health

Welcoming a dog into your home could transform your life in a variety of ways. In addition to serving as a loyal and loving companion, they can benefit your health and well-being.

If you would like to fill your home with love, companionship, and personality, while supporting your mind and body, you’d be wise to give a pooch a new home. Learn how a dog could improve your mental and physical health.

Physical Activity
Owning a dog will force you to jump up off the sofa to go for a walk in the great outdoors. Most dogs will need frequent walks to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. It can help them to develop a healthy weight and muscle strength while providing mental stimulation, which could prevent depression or anxiety. Plus, many daily walks could grant you the same health benefits. 

If you want to get your body moving while enjoying the company of a canine, you should pick a breed that will complement your activity level. For example, Pitbulls need vigorous exercise, which is ideal for those who want to spend more time outdoors. However, you must support their energy levels by introducing the right food into their diet. If you get started with Pitbull nutrition, you could enjoy many years exercising with your dog inside and outside the home.

A Decreased Risk of Diabetes
It might shock you to learn that regular walks with a dog could reduce your risk of diabetes by one-third, which is compared to those who don’t own or walk a dog. If you have a family history of diabetes or are struggling to take control of your diet, bringing a dog into your home could help you to avoid the medical condition.

A Healthier Heart
According to the American Heart Association (AHA), owning a pet pooch could lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. It’s believed regularly stroking your pet can decrease your blood pressure, which can take the pressure off your heart.  Dog owners will also have a healthier heart compared to those who don’t own a pooch, as they will likely enjoy more exercise and have a healthy diet and lower blood sugar levels.

Better Mental Health
Animal-assisted therapy, often referred to as pet therapy, could significantly improve your mental health. It has been proven to lower anxiety in both adults and children. What’s more, dogs have helped veterans struggling with PTSD and patients receiving cancer treatment. Students at Miami University also stated that animal-assisted therapy helped them to overcome feelings of depression or homesickness. So, if you’re struggling with a mental health disorder or a low mood, it might help to stroke and play with your dog.

Stop Smoking
Do you want to quit smoking for good? Owning a dog could help you to cut the harmful habit from your lifestyle. According to a 2008 study, 28% of smokers/pet owners stated that understanding how passive smoking harmed their pooch would encourage them to stop smoking.

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