How A New Roof Can Save Money

When you need to make improvements to your home, you must ensure that the ones you are doing will be beneficial. Saving money on energy bills is at the top of the list for many people, and there are a few ways to do it: 

  • Replace your roof

  • Install solar panels

  • New windows and doors

Replacing the roof is one of the most important - because much of the heat in the home will leave via the roof - and not only that, if there are leaks or any broken tiles, it can help cold seep in. 

So let’s look at how a new roof can save you plenty of cash. 

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It is no secret that the weather has changed in recent years, the summers are hotter, and the winters are more unpredictable. Not all roofs have been installed to compete with such aggressive weather conditions. 

Most shingle roofs were installed when winds were expected to be no more than 65 mph; unfortunately, they are much stronger now. A new roof installed by a roofing contractor will mean that you have one designed to stand up to the weather in your area. 


Anything in your home that is out of code is going to cost you a premium. Roofing is subject to certain codes, and older models, materials, and those that should’ve been replaced already will be costing you extra. 

Getting a roof that is up to code means that any premiums that are against it should be lowered. 


The underlayment on your roof might not be as up to the task as you hope. The underlayment of years gone by are not as good as keeping moisture out as new materials. Not only that, but over the years, they do go through some wear and tear. 

For better protection, an updated roof is a smart move. Your roof is designed to keep out moisture, but over the years, they aren’t as good at it. Small areas of damage can cause a huge amount of unseen mold and damage to the inside of the home.

Energy Efficiency 

Perhaps the most talked about thing in the media lately - and likely in the future is that energy bills are becoming increasingly difficult to tackle. Getting a new roof installed means you will have the most efficient materials. Energy-efficient roofing will keep the warmth in but will also ensure that you have good ventilation - reducing the likelihood of condensation build-up and ensuring a healthy airflow. 

And with all that said, perhaps one of the best benefits of a new roof is that it gives you peace of mind that you have done everything you can to make sure that the roof over your family’s head is as safe as possible. 

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