How a Self-Storage Unit Can Be Useful to Your Small House

If you’ve got a small house, you’ve probably ran into the big issue of where to put things. Depending on your unique situation, the type of items you’ve ran out of room for may differ. With a little ingenuity, rearranging, and a self-storage unit, you can solve your space issues. Here we talk about a few ways a self-storage unit can benefit your house.

Seasonal Storage

Seasonal storage refers to anything that is only necessary during a specific time of the year. During summer, for example, you can store your winter clothing items, Halloween decorations, and Christmas décor. During winter, you can store your summer clothing items, outdoor toys, and swimming essentials. This works out as a terrific way to free up some storage room inside the home, since these seasonal items don’t need to be accessed for a good half of the year.

Clean Up Clutter

Renting out a very small 5x5 storage unit can work wonders for your home. If you have clutter in closets or hallways that you don’t want to throw away or donate, you could choose instead to place it in a self-storage facility. Family heirlooms, sentimental nick-knacks, old paperwork, and stuffed animals are notable examples of items you may choose to store to clean up some clutter.  

Use as a Spare Closet

If you’ve got a lot of clothing items, you could store those you don’t use all the time in a storage unit. You can purchase a few clothing racks at your local dollar store for next to nothing, along with some hangers. Place an old dresser in there, and maybe a shoe rack. You’ve got yourself a walk-in closet. The items aren’t cluttering up your living space, but they are still easily accessible when you need them.

Eliminate the Need to “Upgrade” House

A storage unit can also be used to push off upgrading your house for a while. If you’re getting married or growing a family, you will eventually need to move to a bigger home. In the meantime, you can save money and time by using a storage unit to create more space inside your home. You can also use it to store items for when you do get a bigger home, which (obviously) will need more furniture. 

No Attic or Basement? No Problem

A storage unit can also be used like an attic or basement would be. Some homes might not have these areas commonly used for storage, and that’s okay. A medium to large sized storage unit can fit everything which would normally be stored in these areas. As a bonus, your items will be less apt to damage from bugs or water when in a storage unit.

Storage units are not just for moving, but can be incredibly useful when you have a small home. These five great ideas are a start to knowing what the benefits of renting one is, but the possibilities are virtually endless.  

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