How to Add Space to Your Home

You might outgrow your home one day if you expand your family, decide you want to work from home and need an extra room, or even have a hobby that takes up a lot of space. It isn’t always possible to move house as it is an expensive thing to do, not to mention the fact that you might love your current home and not want to leave it. What you can do, however, is add space to the property you already live in. Here are some ways it can be done. 

Utilize the Basement 
If your house has a basement, what is it currently being used for? In most cases, it will be a storage room, or perhaps a laundry room. While these are good uses, what would be even more useful is if that basement space could be turned into a usable room. 

Inspect your basement and see if it can be sectioned off into different areas. That way you won’t lose your storage or utility area, and you can still give yourself an extra study or bedroom. Make the place more homely by adding a concrete basement floor to keep it warm and to prevent damp, and then some carpeting over the top if the concrete trend is too intense for you. Brighten up the walls by adding lining paper and then paint with a light color – you’ll soon have a new space to enjoy. 

Use the Attic 
Just like your basement, your attic might be a great space that is seriously underused at the moment. This will potentially require more work that your basement to make it fit for use as a real room, but that work will be worth it. 

The biggest issue to deal with is the flooring. In many attic spaces, the flooring is not suitable or safe to walk around on, let alone place furniture like beds or desks on. Getting a professional in to make your attic safe and to add insulation or a window will really make a difference, and this could become the best room in the house. 

Take Yard Space 
It’s great to have a big yard as long as you use it. If you’re not a gardener, or you don’t have kids or dogs who love to run around outside, then having a large or even medium sized yard can require an unnecessary amount of hard work as it needs a lot of maintenance. Wouldn’t it be better to put that space to good use in another way? 

If you take part of your yard and extend your home out into it, you will be giving yourself more space inside and less yard to deal with outside. Remember, though, that doing an extension like this will usually require permits, especially if you choose to make it a two-story one. Get the permissions in place before you start any work, or you might find that work has to stop, or even that you have to tear the new room down. 

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