How To Care For Your Children's Teeth

You know how huge a responsibility it is to be a parent. Your child looks up to you to see how they should behave, and you will care for them when they’re sick and protect them from harm. Do you know how to protect their teeth, though effectively?

Whether your child is old enough to have all their adult teeth or they’re just getting their first baby tooth, you must care for them the best way that you can. We use our teeth to eat, they indicate how well we are and - once all our grown-up teeth have come through - we’ll have them for life. Here’s some useful advice you should take note of, so your child has a great smile for years to come.

Consider orthodontia
You may find that your child’s bite and the straightness of their teeth become an issue as they get older. Orthodontists know that manipulating teeth at a younger age can be easier and more effective long-term.

Treatment can begin earlier now, and braces have also changed - plastic-based materials have replaced metal. Places such as Pearl Dental NYC offer such treatments, which also allow patients to clean their teeth easier.

Teach good dental practices
The best way to protect your child’s teeth is by teaching them good dental practices. Proper coaching will lead to your child using good oral hygiene as part of their daily routine.

However, they might not yet have the control or concentration to brush all their teeth alone. So, you will have to supervise and give help, so the brush clears all the plaque from the teeth. You will also need to look for any white or brown spots on their teeth - these might be signs of early tooth decay.

Your child should have their teeth cleaned as soon as the first one comes through. At first, this should be a smear of toothpaste twice a day; by age three, you can start with a pea-sized amount. Teach your child not to swallow the toothpaste - although they may still be too young to rinse and spit.

With brushing, direction doesn’t matter: each tooth must be cleaned thoroughly, top to bottom and inside out. Your child may need help until they’re about six to eight years old.

Have regular checks
It’s advised that all children see a pediatric dentist by the age of one. Your dentist will check all the teeth are developing typically, that there are no dental problems and will advise on proper hygiene. A topical fluoride solution may also be applied to give extra protection against cavities.

Think about diet
Children who have a lot of sugary foods and drinks are at a higher risk of developing cavities. So, it’s essential to go for healthier food choices and to avoid too much sugar. This means your child shouldn’t have a lot of soda, sweetened drinks, or fruit juice; sweet snacks and drinks between meals should be limited, also. If they do have sugar, make sure your child brushes their teeth afterward.

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