How to Care for Your Smartphone

While in the past phones were nice to have, they are now our everything. They are our social connection, our map, our compass, our weather checker, our payment method, and even our identity. They are so important, in fact, that not caring for your smartphone is the same as letting your passport get lost or leaving your front door open all day when you are not home. Knowing how to care for your smartphone is just the first step, so use this guide to give your phone the TLC that it deserves. 

The Right Phone Case 

The reasons why screens crack more often than not is because they fall on their corners. By simply investing in a phone screen you can avoid this fault and better protect your screen. An additional screen glass cover is also a good option, though it is important to remember that these, unlike your actual screen, crack much more easily so you will need to change them frequently. 

The Right Travel Case 

Phone cases are useful to care for your smartphone in the office or at home, but when you are out and about you want more protection than just from slips and falls. You want it to be secure on your person so that you can easily use it whenever you need and don’t have to worry about dropping it or having it ripped from your hand while you use it. A phone case necklace can solve all these problems, as you can wear it around your neck or across your body for style, convenience, and security. 

Phone Cleaner 

Get special glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth for easy, everyday cleaning of your phone. It will remove the grease and fingerprint smudges, and keep your phone looking great. 

Phone Disinfecting Solutions 

Phone disinfecting solutions is a must in the modern world. These solutions work using UV light to kill the bacteria without hurting your phone. They often look like a small box that you put your phone in overnight and turn on. When you wake up your phone (which is often filthy and full of bacteria from constant use and spending time being held and near your face) will be disinfected and safe to use. 

Phone Warranty and Insurance 

Know your phone warranty and consider paying to extend that warranty, or even investing in an insurance plan. Many phone insurance plans cost $5 or less per month and will even subsidize broken screen repair costs. Always get travel insurance, which will cover phone damage, if you are traveling. 

Phone Repair 

Always check your warranty to make sure you know what is covered and what isn’t. Apple has a great phone warranty for its products, but they don’t cover the broken phone screen, for example. At the same time, however, going to a third-party person to repair the screen will mean invalidating the rest of your warranty. 

Always weigh the pros and cons of official vs. third-party repair beforehand to choose the best and most cost-effective option.

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