How to Create a Country Kitchen

As one of the most important rooms in the house, having a nice kitchen to cook in is important. Having enough space to prepare and store your food is one thing, but the way the overall room is designed is what brings it together. Modern, simplistic looks are great – but there is something special about a country-style kitchen.

They’re warm and cozy, perfect for family homes and singles alike. Here’s how to transform you cooking space into a country kitchen.

Finding the right type of units to install is a good place to start. You might think that the units that fit in with this style are going to be outdated and unsightly, but that simply isn’t true. There are plenty of modern takes on this traditional look, allowing for all tastes. Make sure they’re big enough to hold all of your kitchen utensils and dinnerware. 

A lot of kitchens have tiled or vinyl flooring which are easy to clean, making them perfect for a food prep room. However, if you want a truly country feel to your kitchen, consider having a wooden floor put in instead. They are perfect for creating that rural look, and are just as easy to clean as the options above. Stores like have a wide-range of different looks to choose from. If you’re really not keen, stone flooring works well too. 

Color Scheme
It’s advised to choose warm colors like reds and yellows to encourage a snug country feel – although try to keep the tones on the lighter side. Having said this, blues, greens and different shades of cream also work very well for this style. It will depend on what your preference is, but try a few test patches of paint to help you decide. 

Match your kitchen table with it’s surroundings, or invest in a country dresser to add to the room. Distressed wood suits this style well, or you can paint the table to match your units and color-scheme. 

If you can, consider purchasing new utensils to match the country look. Copper pans are brilliant and look great in any kitchen – although they cook things a lot quicker that other pans, so you’ll have to keep a close eye on your cooking! Cast iron casserole dishes are worth buying anyway, but these in particular look wonderful in country style kitchens. You could even install an overhead pan rack to complete the look. 

It’s always nice to have pictures on the wall, or adding other items to your kitchen to give it some personality. A vintage chalkboard could look nice hung up, not to mention it would be useful to jot down shopping lists and other notes. Decorative plates and bowls would be another way to introduce country style into the room. 

If you’re looking to make your kitchen feel welcoming and well-loved, consider a modern take on the country kitchen. It will help to create a comfortable and happy atmosphere in your home, whether you’re entertaining or alone. 

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