How to create amazing videos from your photos

If you have a vast collection of pictures you want to share, you can simply convert them into video, as it's one of the most convenient ways to keep your pictures in good condition. Videos are more interesting and dynamic than regular photo slideshows and can be easily shared on YouTube and Facebook. Videos are especially suitable if you have a series of photos of a special event such as a wedding or birthday party.

With the right software, you can easily add all your images to your timeline, apply titles and special effects, and add audio to your entire video. There are many great video editing programs that you can use to convert your photos to video. Use good software which is full of easy and interesting effects and without any clutter or complicated tools that you don't have the time to master.

A Guide on How to Create Videos from Photos

Who doesn't like taking pictures? Whether you're on vacation or introducing a new product at an event, you can take pictures everywhere to create unforgettable memories. Sometimes you might get tired of browsing random photos and might want to do something creative with them. Or, when it comes to promotions, you may not have taken the time to create the relevant video with the right mood, background, or narration. This is where the technology to convert images to video comes into play.You can make stunning videos from photos and make it a great memory.

Have you ever tried to make a video from photos and music? Why do you need to do this?

You can hire a conscientious and effective image maker. Such apps are among the most powerful applications for creating videos, movies, slideshow movies, and music videos through pictures extracted from photo galleries. There are a wide variety of image and video makers available online, and you just need the right knowledge to use the right ones for social media promotion. Uploading a uniquely curated business video with just photos and gentle explanations of different moments is an innovative business promotion method, not a regular video created for brand awareness or business promotion. 

How Do I Make a Video with a Photo?

First, you need to select an appropriate image video maker and then perform the following steps:

Step 1 -Draw a goal and define your story

You need to take the time to identify why you want to make a video with your photos. If you want to emphasize a special event, celebration, opportunity, service launch, attractive offer, or deal, you need to define it in the form of a story and then reimagine it in video format.

Step 2 -Select photos

Once you have identified the goal, select the photos. You need to start selecting images from your gallery based on the story you want to present in front of your audience. Images should tell the audience your goals and stories in the best possible way. The photos should be wide-angle shots, crisp, and preferably HD. Avoid blurring them and focus on the sharpness and usefulness of each selected image.If you are an addicted user of instagram then you should check out these amazing instagram cooking recipes.

Step 3 - Import photos

Download and install professional software, open it and click on the Playlist button at the top. The playlist contains all the media files used to create the video.

Step 4 - Add a photo to the timeline

Click the Menu button under Timeline and select Add Video Track. Drag the photo from the playlist to the timeline. It appears on the screen for a few seconds by default, but you can resize the timeline by clicking and dragging. Repeat this process for each photo you want to include in your video. You can arrange them in any order and display as many as you want. The software automatically inserts gaps between photos, represented by brown areas on the timeline. To remove the loophole, right-click on the loophole and select Delete. Click Project in the preview window and use the playback controls to see what your video will look like.

Step 5 - Apply a filter or add a title

You may already be happy with the look of your photos, but proper filters can give your video a whole new look. Each filter has different options. You can click the '+' icon to add as many filters as you need and click the '-' to remove the filters. To apply a filter to another photo, just click on that specific photo in the timeline. The list of available filters also has options for adding text and 3D text. These are fully customizable and are ideal for creating titles and subtitles.If you love cooking then there are some great apps for the beginner cook.

Step 6 - Select narration or a theme song

Next, the visual story needs to be associated with the song or message to effectively convey the essence, relevance, and motivation of the visual video to the viewer. You can also add text as a description. If the image is trivial and the video is for informative or educational purposes, turn on the meaningful and captivating music in the background to captivate the viewer.

Step 7 - Edit the video

To edit the length and quality of your video, you need to use an effective image video maker. You can crop areas that you think are inappropriate or crop images to your liking. You can edit the theme according to your business suitability to give your video a professional look. You can edit the position of the image to your liking and add captions and subtitles as needed. You can edit the theme song and add voices.

While editing, you can choose the transition style for your photo. After editing, you need to look at the final preview of the video and make final adjustments. Get feedback from friends, family, and colleagues and make the necessary changes and adjustments if needed.

Step 8 - Export the video

After the final edit, you can export the video to your smartphone or device to store it and give it an impressive and interesting name.

Step 9 - Share the video

You can now share it on various social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, or on your Instagram as stories, reels, or just on your feed.


One of the biggest trends in the digital space is the use of video for digital marketing on YouTube and social media. You can focus on image-oriented videos that help your viewers see unique and memorable moments and memories. These videos will provide viewers with compelling and persuasive photo videos to improve your video marketing statistics, connect emotionally with viewers, and enable them to take action. 

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