How To Decide On The Best Gift Ideas For Your Family’s Special Day

When we attend celebrations involving family and relatives, we are requested to or many times feel the necessity to provide gifts for the whole family. Whether the celebration is a baby shower, a birthday party, or marriage, it's hard to decide what present to get. Should the gift be expensive? One-of-a-kind? A gift card? There are many choices out there, but it may be difficult to choose one. Read further to know how to decide the best gift ideas for your family’s special day. 

Meanwhile, take note that the special family day may be family reunions, holidays, or just a simple Sunday family day.

How to Choose the Very Best Gifts for Your Family’s Special Day

1. Know The Event

Different gifts can be suggested based upon the party’s theme, the host’s gender and age, and who’s coming to the family’s special day.  You will definitely find your 13-year-old sister something different than your 48-year-old mother. Also, consider the purpose of the party. Is your family gathering for a reunion? Is it your brother’s wedding? Your cousin’s graduation thanksgiving party? Consider every detail of the event and you'll probably know what gift to get. The gift can be something that they could use for the goal of the occasion (like baby products for a baby shower). Following are a few sample ideas for various family occasions. Try out some of them or simply use them as sources of inspiration to come up with your own gift.

● Mother's birthday/Mother's Day: Try giving her jewelry, a cookbook (if she enjoys cooking), a book or magazine she would enjoy reading, a film you can watch together, or a poem you wrote about her.
● Father’s Day: Get tickets to a sports match, a mug with a humorous expression, a watch, or even a scrapbook of your memories together.
● Teenager's birthday: Purchase gift cards to the movie theatre, gift cards for CD’s or iTunes, a diary, or a T-shirt.
● Gifts for a kid: Give him/her a stuffed animal, a children’s book, a box of crayons or markers, bubble blowers, Barbies, toy trucks or other toys.

2. Know What The Individual Needs Or May Desire

This measure might be the toughest part, however, is the most essential. You would want to get them something useful and that they will enjoy. Think about their pursuits, hobbies, and interests.
● Are they into football? Art? Reading? Try asking someone else about what they may be into. It may be a good idea to talk to their siblings, a parent, or a close pal without giving hints that would give away the secret or surprise. 
● On another hand, you may ask them simply via their social media account or personally if they have a wish list. Ask for a few thoughts or ask what they enjoy, but make sure to keep it still a surprise.

3. Set Your Budget

Always decide based on your budget. As soon as you begin to find options for your gift, be certain that you aren't paying too little or too much. The present does not need to be costly, it is the idea that counts. 

Find gifts online for great bargains. Consider if you really need to spend $50 for a T-shirt? No. How about $15? Always ponder before you buy something. 
● On the flip side, it may not be necessary to spend anything at all. Your family member may love to simply spend time with you, they may appreciate a homemade gift or a simple act of kindness. 

4. Personalize Your Gift

This has two motives: If you are on a tight budget, you do not need to think about spending a fortune, and personalizing a gift shows you really care. This is perfect for relatives who know and love you. Instead of simply purchasing a card and signing with your name, why don't you create one yourself? Gather up a few pictures of you and the person you are giving the special gift card to. Utilize markers, special papers, stickers and a few items. Also, you may include a few of these things:

● Scrapbook filled with your memories
● Photo frame with your picture
● A list of your memories in A-Z
● For the coffee lovers: A coffee themed t-shirt
● A CD of a song you made
● A homemade video of a dance you both executed
● Reasons why they are the best person

5. Give An "Experience" Gift, Instead Of A Material Present

Experience presents include tickets to a concert or a game, a vacation, singing or dancing lessons, scuba diving, skydiving, and so much more. All these might be costly, but are good to give since those experiences may teach them something, or could be a life-altering event. Do not feel as though you need to buy one. However, the receiver will probably be thrilled to know you gave them an experience present. 

6. Look Online

Some of the best gifts for your family are available online. Look up a potential gift online and see what results show. Most importantly, read the reviews, ratings, and testimonials.


Think of giving gifts as communication of your love and appreciation to that person. You are actually speaking to him/her. Remember to give something that comes from your heart, not just because of the physical or material value it represents. 

Bridgette Goodwill

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