How To Get Rid Of The Dog Smell In Your House

Does your house smell like dog? Can you even tell or have you gone nose blind? You can easily get used to the smell of dog, so you might need to ask someone who doesn’t live in your house. If the answer is yes, you need a deep clean to shift those bad odors.

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Why Do Dogs Smell So Bad?

To your dog, their smell is their identity and how they leave their mark on the world. Their hot break, saliva, oily skin, and waxy ear build-up all add to their scent. Dogs also sweat through their feet, giving you even more unpleasant odors to deal with. 

Luckily for dog owners who don’t enjoy the smell quite as much as other dogs do, there are lots of effective ways to get rid of the dog smell in your house. Depending on how bad the smell is, you could be in for some hard work to get rid of the smell, but it can be done. Try some of these deep cleaning tips to get the smell out and freshen up your home, even if you’ve gone nose blind to your dog. 

Vacuum Everything

Hair, dirt, and dander can get everyone. To get rid of it all, sweep, mop, vacuum, and repeat. You need to do this cleaning routine on a regular basis, and more often than you think you need to. Make sure you vacuum everything too. Include your carpets, furniture, curtains, rugs, and floors. Clean and change the vacuum filter often too, and then vacuum some more. A lot of dogs really don’t like the vacuum but this simple chore will help to prevent your home from being overtaken with fur. 

Invest In Pet-Specific Cleaning Tools

Cleaning products that are designed to deal with pets can be a lifesaver. Tools like a heavy duty duster can reach into an awkward place where pet hair can hide, such as on ceiling fans. Look for options with fibers that will trap and lock in dust and allergens, such as dog dander and dust mite matter.

Call A Professional

Deep steam carpet cleaning with pet-friendly chemicals, done by a professional service can really help to shift pet smells. However, be warned that changing the way that your carpet smells can actually cause your dog some confusion, so they may try and mark their territory all over again. This can be an irritating cycle, but a steam clean is ideal if you need to clean out signs of dog before moving house, for example.  


Use sweepers with cloths designed for pet owners. Dog hair sticks to the cloths, which you can then just remove and throw away. No hassle, no hair. 


Mop your floors with a mop that uses mopping cloths. You can get the floor clean without the hassle of dragging buckets of water and detergent around the house. The wet mopping cloths are also disposable, leaving your floors hairless and your hands-free when you have finished cleaning.

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