How to Keep Your Kitchen Looking New for Longer

Ever wondered how you can keep your kitchen looking new for longer? Below we share a few tips to help you, the more of these tips you put into practice the less effort youll put in maintaining the aesthetics of your kitchen. Make your kitchen the star of your home with these tips.

Basically, the rule of thumb is to keep your kitchen clean, heres some expert advice from Ghost Kitchen Network:


Dishwashing can be a lot easier if you ensure dirty utensils and plates don’t pile up on your sink. All you have to do is turn your dishwasher on after dinner and empty it before you sleep so that you always make sure you start the following day with a clean sink. Even if you use bristan kitchen sinks in your kitchen, but do not maintain their cleanliness, it will lose the charm.

Protect Your Counters

When preparing vegetables, use a cutting board. Prepare uncooked meats on a rimmed baking sheet that youre able to put into a dishwasher once finished. Always roll dough or pastry using a silicone mat or parchment paper that you use to bake. Quite simply, the fewer things that come into contact with your countertops, the longer your kitchen will stay looking new. 

Do all Pouring and Spraying On Your Sink

Most kitchen activities make a mess regardless of how meticulous you are. For instance, measuring ingredients, cooking spray, pouring soup inside serving dishes. If you dont like scrapping your counters after every meal, do these tasks over your sink, that way all youll need to do is rinse the mess you have created away. 

Make Use of Spare Bowls During Cooking

A good idea is to collect kitchen scrap using bowls while you cook to decrease the risk of them falling to the floor. Place leftovers from your meal in the freezer for you to use later or add remaining food pieces to your compost pile. 

Prevent Stovetop Splatters

You dont have to  stop making certain meals just because the process of making them creates splatters everywhere. If for some reason you cant covet the pot during cooking you should buy a wire splatter guard. Rinse after every use or place it in the dishwasher.

Buy a Good Microwave Cover

Dont use a paper towel to cover microwave foods because that’s very wasteful and besides they dont stay put all the time. Perhaps try using a plate or a bowl that is overturned to ensure a cover that will stay in place. Alternatively buy a cheap microwave splatter screen, you wont regret it. 

Make the Trash Can Easy to Get To

Whatever you do, dont place your trash can under your kitchen sink. If it cant be reached easily, youll find that you end up leaving things on top of the counter. Rather buy a trash can that is foot operated and stands alone. That way youll find that you dont have to empty it as much.

Key Takeaways 

The best way to keep your kitchen looking new for longer and clean is to prevent the mess from accumulating to start with. For spots that cant avoid spills or are hard to clean, clean them up immediately. Apart from that take a few moments every day to tidy up your kitchen and your kitchen will stay cleaner for much longer than you think.






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