How to Know If Your Testosterone Levels are Low

If you are someone who has crossed the age of 18, then chances are that you’d already know about testosterone, the male hormone. It is often said that this ‘sex hormone’ makes a man feel like a man, of course, in biological sense. However, this is also true that by the time a man is 40, the levels of testosterone go down, which results in low sex drive and sperm production as well as weakening of bones and muscles. This does not mean that one cannot suffer with low testosterone levels at a young age. The kind of world that we live in today, it is very possible that a man can experience unusual reduction in testosterone, which might be the result of stress, anxiety, depression, or any other problem.

Even though there are various supplements like Testogen or natural food options like nuts and seeds to keep up the level of testosterone and other hormones, the first thing to do is to detect whether or not your T-levels are in balance. Thus, this article for everyone who wants to know if they or someone they know might be suffering from low testosterone levels.

What should be the normal range of testosterone?

We assume that you already know the definition of testosterone by now. So, we directly jumped to learn the next important thing about the hormone – what’s its normal range. Well, according to the Food and Drug Administration, a normal range of testosterone lies between 300 to 1,000 nanogram per decilitre. When the range falls below 300 nanogram per decilitre, then, it is said that your T-levels are low.

What are the signs of low testosterone levels?

You can find some of the most relevant symptoms of low testosterone in males. Some of them can also be found in females.

1. Difficulty in erection or erectile dysfunction

Low testosterone may lead to problems in erection. The function of testosterone is to stimulate the penile tissue, which produces nitric oxide, leading to several reactions which finally results in an erection. When the level of testosterone falls, there are good chances that a man might not be able to feel or get an erection.

2. Loss of hair

Even though hair loss seems like a common problem in both men and women these days, it might be a result of low testosterone levels in the body. The same has been supported in this study, where it was concluded that testosterone implants contributed in hair growth of women who received treatment of sex hormone deficiency.

3. Low sex drive

Another clear signs of lower levels of testosterone is the lowered sex drive, especially in men. Sex drive reduces naturally as you age, but with low levels of testosterone,  a man feels unusually decreased interest in having sex. 
According to WPHC: ‘If you suddenly do not feel like having sex, it is for the best to consult a sex specialist or your doctor before taking any medication or testosterone increasing supplements’

4. Body fatigue

If you feel tired all of a sudden, especially if it is a new thing for you, then you might have low levels of testosterone. Even if you are well-rested and haven’t been doing much work and yet you feel unusually tired, then it is time to get your T-levels tested for it is a symptom that you might be in need of getting some boost in your male hormone.

5. Mood swings

If you are suffering from frequently changing moods, then one of the reasons might lead to low T-levels in your body. Lack of focus, irritability, restlessness, and mood swings are some signs that show hormonal disbalance and this means that you should get yourself checked by a doctor. In some cases, you might deal with anxiety and depression as well. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have low T-levels, but there might be  a sure of some hormonal imbalance.

6. Increase in weight or body fat

If you are getting obese without any increase in your diet or decrease in your work-out, then this is a sign of low levels of testosterone. In fact, in some cases, men have enlarged breasts due to deficiency of testosterone. This condition is known as gynecomastia.

7. Sleep problems
A hormonal imbalance often leads to either sleepless nights or excessive sleep. Some people also develop a condition called sleep apnea, where a person stops breathing temporarily while in their sleep, which leads to a disrupted sleeping pattern. If you have a problem in sleeping, then get your T-levels tested immediately.

8. Reduction in the size of testicles and semen production

If you notice a reduction in the size of your testicles, then perhaps it is time to get your testosterone levels tested. Also, a low production of semen also means to get yourself checked for the same. Sometimes, low semen production can also cause trouble with fertility.


While there are many more signs that help you understand if your.testosterone levels are low, it is highly important to know that in today’s world, there are various treatments, medicines, and therapies available to boost your T-levels as well. 

While you can make changes to your lifestyle, another option is to opt for testosterone boosters for quicker results. Even men after 40 are able to enjoy a great sex life, all because of the these supplements. 

Thus, do not worry if these signs match your current situation. Seek help from a medical professional while bringing certain lifestyle changes, such as quality sleep, healthy diet and regular exercise.

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