How To Make Kratom Tincture At Your Home? Here's All You Need To Know

Kratom extract with higher levels of kratom alkaloids is used in making tinctures. It is more powerful than kratom powders, pills, or liquids. It is, therefore, not unexpected that many people would use the tincture form to boost their kratom experience. Read ahead to know how to make kratom tincture at your own place.

What Are Kratom Tinctures?

A kratom tincture is an ideal solution for kratom users who want to boost the effects of their products like kratom extracts or kratom powder. It should not surprise anyone that kratom tinctures are among the best extracts available today. Kratom tinctures do have a few benefits that traditional kratom powders do not. Given all of that, it means that kratom tincture is among the most widely used kratom liquid mixture.

Is Kratom Powder More Potent Than Tincture?

How a tincture is prepared affects its efficacy. You can use as much or as little alcohol and regulate the potency per mL if you make it yourself.

Kratom tinctures have much higher potency per volume than other kratom products or kratom leaves. Keep in mind that kratom may be widely available when using tinctures.

Can You Make Kratom Tincture?

There is no official standard for how to make kratom tincture. The process will require different amounts of alcohol. Fresh kratom leaves require Ethyl Alcohol to prevent the alcohol from becoming overly diluted. Kratom is not present in most western Materia Medica handbooks.

How To Make Your Own Kratom Tincture?

It's time to start making kratom tincture. It takes less than an hour to complete the mixing process, which is easy to understand. However, the tincture needs to settle for approximately a week before producing a final kratom tincture because it takes some time to thoroughly desire the potency of all of the alkaloids from the kratom powder.

What You’ll Need


  • A scale for kratom powder measurement

  • Powdered kratom

  • A funnel

  • 80–100 proof ethanol or ethyl alcohol

  • A huge mason jar or similar glass container with a seal.

  • pH strips

  • Cheesecloth or any delicate strained fabric

  • Bottles for tinctures made of dark glass, ideally with a glass squeeze dropper for measurement ease.

Measure And Weigh

The right proportion of alcohol to kratom product (either powder form or kratom leaves) must be constant to create a decent, powerful kratom tincture. If you're preparing kratom tincture for the first time, you can use the recommended dosages listed here.

In any case, ensure to record the precise ingredient amounts you use. To accurately calculate the kratom tincture dosage, you should use a tincture, weigh the exact amount of kratom you intend to use on a scale, and record this figure.

Mix Alcohol And Kratom

Combine the alcohol and kratom powder in the large mason jar. Once the mason jar is closed, shake ferociously for approximately a minute to incorporate all the fine powder.

Balance Ph By Adding Citric Acid

Add citric acid, if using, to the mixture. Your Kratom Tincture should ideally have a PH of 4. Test strips for PH can help you determine the correct amount. This process aids in turning the kratom alkaloids into a salt form, which makes it much simpler to extract them for your kratom tincture.

Store In A Tightly Sealed Jar

The mixture must be kept for at least a week in a jar with a tight lid in a cool, dark place.

It is necessary to ensure that the tincture completely removes the alkaloids from the kratom powder.

When your pH reaches a stable level of around 4.0, seal the mason jar and keep it somewhere cool and dark in your house. Most alkaloids are removed from the powder form in less than 24 hours, but for best results, try to wait about seven days.

Ensure it does not come into direct contact with the sun. At least once every day, shake it up or turn the jar upside down to help in the extraction.


The raw kratom tincture should be temporarily strained into another container. The mixture must be completely cleared of all plant material before continuing. Pouring the mixture through a sieve or filter will accomplish this. Open the jar and place a cotton or muslin filter over the mouth after at least seven days have passed. An old cotton T-shirt or cheesecloth are further options.

Before discarding the remaining kratom powder or plant matter, squeeze out every last drop of the remaining liquid form.

You will end up with bitter kratom liquid extracts that are dark green. You can use this once you've filled a kratom tincture bottle or jar.

Fill And Label Your Bottles

As the last step, fill your bottles with the mixture.

Fill your dropper bottles with the tincture using the funnel. So that you never have to question how much you're taking, label every dropper with the strain and potency.

The amount of kratom in each 4 mL of tincture can be estimated by mixing 4 ounces of kratom powder with 1 liter of alcohol and letting half of the alcohol evaporate.

Make sure to store your kratom tincture bottles properly to keep them as fresh and strong as possible.

You May Also Use Other Herbs In Your Kratom Tincture

There are further benefits to incorporating other herbs into your kratom potion. You can either add them while making the tincture or make separate tinctures of each plant and combine them with the completed tincture. Both methods work well.

What Purposes Do Kratom Tinctures Serve Best?

Kratom tinctures are used as stimulants or sedatives. When made carefully, kratom tinctures are thought to have the following benefits:

  • Relaxed Sensations

  • Increased Mental Clarity

  • An Increase In Energy

  • Improved Mood

Kratom tinctures provide more immediate and noticeable effects than powder or other forms of kratom. Keep in mind that the dosage for novice and experienced users is different.

Research the suggested dosage based on your experience and medical background.

Herbs To Reduce The Side Effects Of Kratom

Pretending that kratom has no adverse effects would be foolish. The following plants can lessen some of the adverse effects of kratom:


An adaptogen plant called ashwagandha has properties that can both stimulate and calm the body. Moreover, it's well known for reviving libido and regulating testosterone levels, two functions that long-term use of kratom can compromise.

Lime Juice

Add lime juice or citric acid to the kratom extract. However, keep in mind that you should add it gradually. Making your kratom excessively acidic will make it unpleasant or impossible to consume. A pH strip can be used to measure pH levels.

How a tincture is prepared affects its efficacy. You can use as much or as little alcohol and regulate the potency per mL if you make it yourself.

By volume, a tincture is much more potent than kratom powder. Keep in mind that kratom might be taken in excess when using the tincture.

How To Make Kratom Tincture More Effective?

It is definitely in the best interest of any user to optimize the strength of their kratom tinctures because the required dose of kratom is very high compared to other herbal drugs.

Reusing Liquid

Reusing the alcohol from the original tincture's creation is one method used by those who want to make their kratom tincture more potent.

They mix in some fresh kratom plant to create a 2:1 tincture after straining the marc from the menstruum.

You now possess a concentrated extract as a result. For every part of alcohol, there are two parts of kratom.

Sadly, doing so results in some of the alkaloids absorbing back into the new plant material. As you continue to soak various batches of marc, the alcohol's ability to absorb the marc is progressively less powerful.

Reducing And Increasing The Tincture

Another choice is to prepare a 1:1 or 1:5 kratom tincture, then evaporate the alcohol to boost the mixture's concentration.

Put a pot with the tincture in it on very low heat. Leave this on for several hours to allow the alcohol in the brew to evaporate. Cut the volume in half, turn off the heat and let the room cool.

Without wasting any kratom leaf, you may go from a 1:5 tincture to a 1:2 tincture.

How Is Kratom Tincture Taken?

Depending on your desire and how quickly you want the effects, there are three ways to consume kratom tincture dosage :

Taking Kratom Tincture Orally

You can avoid the bitter taste and get quick results by squeezing a few drops of kratom tincture over the back of your tongue and ingesting it. In as little as 15 minutes, you can anticipate the results.

Sublingual Administration

You can take kratom tincture sublingually if you don't mind the flavor or want the quickest results. Before swallowing, place the dose beneath your tongue and hold it there for about a minute.

Most users will experience a mild burning sensation from the alcohol, but this sensation rapidly disappears once they consume the liquid.

People also search for queries like “can you smoke kratom?” to experience new methods of consumption. However, it is wise to research on this topic before proceeding ahead. 

Kratom Shots

Kratom shots are water-based extracts that contain kratom alkaloids and other ingredients, such as L-theanine, Boswellia, and passionflower.

Final Thoughts

Enjoy Your DIY Kratom Tincture. This completes our comprehensive guide on making a quality kratom tincture at home.

The liquid kratom known as kratom tincture may be made home with just a few simple supplies and components. A single dose can be immediately swallowed, used sublingually for instant effects, or combined with your preferred food or drink for simple dosing.

It might cost you more if you buy kratom tincture from a store. But if you make it yourself, it might be cheap.

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