How To Make Moving Home Easy

The thought of moving house is overwhelming. It causes a lot of overthinking, such as "what if you forget X", or "what if you leave Y". Anxieties over the best way to transport your stuff and the cost you'll incur to take it all across town leaves you with a lot to think about and do.

And so, when the thought of moving gets a bit too much, it helps to break some of the "to-dos" down into manageable chunks. Then commit to a set task per week or day - depending on how much time you have left before you move.

To begin, the below points can help you make moving home easy. But before you do anything, grab yourself a hot drink and take a seat. 

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Moving Company Quotes

It's time to begin your hunt for a moving company. To help you choose, you'll want to consider asking each company the following:

How much will the move cost?: The movers will likely ask questions about your home's size and bulky items. In doing so, they're attempting to gauge how much packing and lifting there is to do. It helps if you have this information written down beforehand, to reel off to the moving companies you contact. 

Also, while it may be tempting to go for the cheapest company, think twice before you do! A company's experience and reputation are much more important than the cost. 

For instance, a cheap moving company with little experience may be more likely to damage your items. In turn, costing you more in money and time in the long run to repair your things.

What's their availability like?: If you have a set date you have to move, you must find a reliable mover who can commit to that day. 

Otherwise, if you're reasonably flexible, you may be able to keep your moving company options open on this point.

Experience handling special items: If you have a piano, precious art, vintage items, heirlooms - you'll need a mover who has experience handling these items to limit the risk of damage during packing and moving. 

By testing the mover's availability, prices, and experience, you can gauge which mover is the best one to book. 

However, be sure to clarify the service you'll be getting. While some movers include packing, others only commit to moving pre-packed items. On the other hand, some moving companies offer the full service. Packing and moving your stuff to your new house, and then unpacking it when you reach your new home.

Declutter And Spring Clean 

If there was ever a time to get rid of all the extra stuff you've accumulated since college - now's it.

It's worth considering selling or gifting items away that you no longer use, need or love. By taking the time to declutter your belongings before you move, you'll also lighten the load for moving - which means less time and money spent moving stuff to the new house.

Moreover, before leaving your existing home, whether it's a bedroom in your parent's house or an apartment you've lived in for years. Cleaning it thoroughly is good etiquette to ensure your landlord or your mom does not have to deal with the mess when you've left.

Mailing Address

Unless you want your parking tickets and cosmopolitan magazine subscription sent to your old address. You need to contact each company that provides you a service and let them know your moving date and new address. 

It may be difficult to remember your new address off by heart to begin with, and so consider keeping it next to you while you work through contacting your bill providers, etc.

This step is crucial as it prevents other individuals, getting hold of your mail. While some people may be kind enough to forward it on. Others may attempt to commit fraud with your personal details. 

Make Moving Home Easy

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Choosing a moving company is the first step to make any home moving mission easy. 

Most moving companies have the skills and experience to pack, lift, move, arrange, and connect stuff in your new abode with ease. Meaning you can tend to other tasks in your new place. Such as cleaning, hanging blinds and curtains, and putting clothes away in the wardrobe. 

And the other points mentioned above are just as important. Cleaning your old home or room shows respect for the owners and makes it easier for new people to move in. Plus, leaving rented accommodation in good condition ensures you'll get your deposit back! While making sure everyone you know has your new address, it will prevent mail from going to your old address or getting in the wrong hands.

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