How to Make the Most Out of a Small Home and Garden

We all want our homes and gardens to look breathtaking. It’s only natural; after all, it’s where we spend the majority of our time and it can also be a reflection of us. However, it can be tough to achieve your dream look for your house and garden if you don’t have a lot of space to work with.

Small homes and gardens often feel cramped and messy, and you may have given up with trying to make it look nice. But don’t despair! In this post, you’ll learn all about techniques and products that utilize space in smart ways so that you can make the most of a small area.

Water features

Water features are a great addition to any garden, big or small. They add an instant touch of sophistication, and even if it’s the only thing you have in your small garden, it will make a statement. Fountains for your backyard will give it a tranquil vibe, which helps make it feel more welcoming and open, instead of cramped.

Wind chimes

If you want to jazz up your garden without taking up much space, wind charms are the way to go. These can be hung on a wall or tree, so they won’t be using all of your precious space. They’ll bring some joy into your garden with their tinkling sounds. You can get a variety of different wind chimes, so it’s a perfect way to express yourself through decorating your garden.

Hanging plants

Most of us would agree that no garden is complete without some plants, but it can be hard to fill your garden with them if you won’t have the space. Therefore, it might be a good idea to utilize your space vertically. Of course, this could mean something as simple as getting trees and plants that grow very tall without growing very wide, but the most stylish and trendy option by far is hanging plants. As the name suggests, these are plants that come in planters that you can hang up against your garden wall, thus adding some life to your garden without using up space. If you want a more unique touch, you can get creative with how you hang your plants.


Another way of utilizing what little space you have is by adding some garden shelves. These are great not only for storage, but also for aesthetic appeal. You can fill them with plants to make your garden greener. For a fun look, you can even paint the shelves bright colors. 


Let’s move from the garden to the inside of your house. If you want any room to look bigger, add some mirrors. Mirrors work miracles with making a room look more expansive. You can use big, full length mirrors to create an optical illusion that fools the eyes into thinking a room is bigger than it actually is, but even adding smaller mirrors here and there is a fun way of decorating your house without using up much space.

Breakfast nook

Instead of trying to cram your dining room table into an area that’s too small for it, get a breakfast nook. You can use a smaller table, or even just get some chairs and place them by the counter. This is the perfect way for you to enjoy a delicious breakfast smoothie and still maintain some space in your home. Breakfast nooks are the perfect cozy addition to a house if you still want somewhere where you can eat as a family, but you don’t want to use up a lot of space in your home.

Sleeper couch

Maybe you are using your guest bedroom as an office, or maybe you don’t have a guest bedroom. Either way, you’ll need somewhere for your guests to sleep when they come over. Beds take up a lot of space, so consider getting a sleeper couch instead. This gives you a two in one – you have a couch to use for most of the time, but you can easily transform it into a comfortable place to sleep if you have guests, without using up any additional space!


Any form of light will instantly give the effect of a more open room, thus making it look bigger. This can easily be achieved by painting the walls a lighter shade, or simply getting curtains or blinds that let in more light. A dark room will immediately feel smaller, so introduce as much light into a room as possible to make it appear bigger. You can also use natural lighting to your benefit during the day.

Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

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