How to Personalize Your Home

You have a home, and it is filled with everything you need. Every room serves its purpose, and it is generally aesthetically pleasing. The only problem? It doesn’t feel personal to you.

If you can relate to this, you’re not alone. It is natural to want to personalize your space to suit your interests and passions, especially if you plan on inhabiting the house for a long time. Luckily it is relatively easy to put your own personal stamp on each room; you just need to invest in a few special items!

Here are five simple ways you can personalize your home.

Make Personalized Art

One simple way to personalize your home is by making personalized art. There are lots of ways you can do this; you could paint something abstract, you could make a clay pot, or you could try pyrography. Pyrography is the practice of burning wood to create a beautiful pattern or message, so you can create beautiful messages to hang in your hall or living room.

If you do decide to try pyrography, you will need a wood-burning kit and a piece of wood. You can find the best wood burning kit online, and you can buy dried out wood from most art supply stores.

Change the Hardware in The Room

You can also personalize a room by changing the hardware on the cabinets and doors. You could replace the handles with minimalistic steel pulls if you prefer a modern look, or you could go for brass knobs or wooden handles if you like a traditional style better; whatever suits your personal style best! This small touch can completely transform the vibe of a room, especially if you live in a rented home and you are not able to completely replace the cabinets.

Buy Your Favorite Plant

House plants do a lot of good for your home; they add color and texture, they help to freshen the air, and they can even fill your home with beautiful smells (lavender, we’re looking at you!). Head to your local garden store to see if they have any plants that you love. There are lots different ones to choose from, including tropical cactuses, small succulents and giant house plants. You could also buy flowering plants, such as lilies or roses.

Paint A Wall A Color You Love

Don’t want to paint a whole room? No problem; pick a feature wall and paint it a different color. This is a great way to customize a room, but it is essential to spend some time thinking about the perfect color; light colors will likely make the space look bigger, while a dark wall could make the room feel smaller.

Make It Cozy

You can also add some cozy vibes to the room by investing in some patterned throws and cushions. This will make the room more comfortable and relaxing, and if you choose designs and colors that you love, the room will feel more personal to you.

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