How To Prepare For Micrsoft 70-533 Exam

The Microsoft world has developed to entail so much complex but interesting information and knowledge. This is what prompted the development of various Microsoft exams for certifications. The Microsoft exams are very unique since they are only done by the elite IT professionals, but also they are arranged in the order of complexity. Furthermore, each of the Microsoft certification exams serves a unique objective as some test the developing skills while others measure cloud computing among other test areas.

These Microsoft exams serve to test the individuals’ skills and capabilities on handling different Microsoft and Office 365 aspects. The tests are generally very challenging and serve to test only the best minds in the IT sector. To reach this level, one will have to do other certifications. In our article today will look at the Microsoft 70-533 exam and what it is all about and why it is important to sit for it.

The general information of the Microsoft 70-533 exam
The Microsoft 70-533 certification exam is a test that mainly measures the candidates' knowledge in handling the Microsoft Azure environment and all its concepts and infrastructure. This exam is considered for the elite IT professionals and for one to handle it, then he or she must have a deep knowledge and understanding of Microsoft Azure infrastructure solutions, handling hybrid and cloud solutions, and familiarity with handling application life cycle development.
The course outline for this exam covers several topics each having its own percentage. The topics include: develop and execute Azure App Service Apps, build and operate Azure Resource Manager VMs, design and exercise a storage strategy, implement an Azure Active Directory, implement virtual networks, and deploy and design ARM templates.
The exam basically tests the candidate's ability to undertake the following:managing of various computer resources, creation of networks and new virtual techniques, implementing a storage capacity that also includes encryption, presentation of data that's included by Azure operation systems, development of operational apps, and administrative system management of apps.
This certification test has a multiple-choice structure that requires you to answer 60 questions within a time period of 120 minutes. Ensure to attempt all questions.
The Microsoft 70-533 exam is available in various languages, including English, Chinese, Brazilian, Portuguese, and French.
If you choose to sit for this exam, then you will first need to register at by creating a profile, and then proceeding to register. Ifyou fail this test at the first, then there is an opportunity to retake it.

How to prepare for the Microsoft 70-533 exam

The following tips will help to ensure that at least you prepare well for your test and pass it with flying colors.
•    With discussions, the students are able to engage and brainstorm in their study and it provides a good framework for passing exams.
•    Online resources and materials are easily accessible with less money required allowing students to beef up their knowledge.
•    Having a good mentor or tutor, basking in the knowledge of someone else will give a student insight into what they are preparing for and what to expect.
•    Understanding what you’ll expect in an exam is also important through online sources that provide exam tests and questions for students.
•    Their many exam tests with objectives so a student who wants to ace a test needs to follow them up closely.
•    Well just reading and studying is not sufficient, you have to put what is learnt into practice that way it will be easy to pass even when it comes to presentations.

Preparation resources for the Microsoft 70-533 exam

There are readily available resources you can get to use to prep yourself for this certification test:

•    Exam books  

Implementing Microsoft -Azure assists in the implementation of Microsoft Azure and  provides decision making and knowledge to students.
Fundamentals of Azure solution 2nd edition focuses on technical essential features of     developing solutions.
Mastering Microsoft Azure infrastructure services1st edition provides the reader with relevant skills through its features enhancing concepts presented in the book.

•    Exam websites

Microsoft virtual academy– it is quite flexible and good for beginners plus it also contains videos that are easily accessible to the students. This is what makes this site a very resourceful one for learning.
Plural sight – the site has considerable amounts videos and other related contents on many topics preferable for exam preparation. Most of the content is free and students can access the information at any given time.
Microsoft press store– the book has many questions and topics that give insight to implementation mechanisms.
Azure man– it’s a Microsoft learning site that provides training with numerous exam topics for the students to go through at anytime. The website also has other information pertaining to other certification test that you can readily access.
Exam-labs– unlimited access to exam questions and answers plus very flexible with infrastructural solutions for students preparing for the tests.
Prep Away – the site contains multiple practice tests and exam tests for the students preparing for any Microsoft tests. There are also sample video contents on this exam which will prove very beneficial.
Exam Collection– it provides access to sites database, including exam questions and exam materials. The site also contains information of other Microsoft certification exams.
Testing – it has daily updated questions and answers for the students who are preparing for their exams.


Every exam is of importance in order for one to progress therefore the students should not take it lightly but be very well prepared for it using every favorable means to ace the test and not rely on just last minute rush which many do after just flipping a book once and this only makes you fail but when your set you will feel motivated and hopeful.

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