How to Tell if Cookware Is Induction Ready?

Nowadays, induction cookers are getting popular. Many manufacturers are making cookware, especially induction cookers. Among them, some are induction ready.

How to Tell if Cookware Is Induction Ready?

We know you will want to use the best nonstick induction cookware for your new induction stove. After all, who wants to spoil fancy new home ware? And to utilize the stove to its true potential, you will need induction-friendly pots. Thus, we are here with tips that will help you to know whether your cookware is induction-ready or not.

After reading this, you will be able to recognize the fact that how to tell if cookware is induction ready.

Material Matters

The material of which your cookware is made is essential if you have an induction cooker. The first thing that you will need to check is if your cookware is made of metals. Not just any metals; these metals need to be magnetic. If your cooking pot isn't made of magnetic metal, it will not function on an induction stove top. Make sure your pots are made of iron or ferritic stainless steel.

Check the Shape

Now, you have many pots made of magnetic metals, and all of them have a circular or round bottom. That is not going to be of any use. For making your magnetic pot work, it has to have a flat base. A flat base is symmetrical with your induction cooker's stove top. That is because only a pot with a flat base will be able to gather the heat from the cooker's magnetic field.

Be Sure It's Ready

Now, if your flat surfaced pan is made of magnetic metal, you can be sure that your pot is ready. However, if you want to be sure, you can take two tests. For the first test, all you need is a piece of magnet. Place the magnet on the back of your pot. If you see the pot attracts the magnet, then Voila! Now the second test. Go for the second test if there is no magnet in your home. About that, you can even use fridge magnets to do the first test. I bet everyone owns one or two fridge magnets. However, moving on to the second test as a contingency plan. Put some water in your flat magnetic metal pan, put it on the stove and turn it on. After a while, you see the water has become warm, which means your pot perfectly works on your cooker.

Check the Sign

These days, as induction cookers are getting popular, many manufacturers are making cookware, especially for induction cookers. These special cook-wares usually have stickers, holograms, or signs at their bottom. These symbols indicate that they are safe to use on induction cookers. If you get yourself one of these, you will not need to take any tests. You can directly use them for cooking. Another good thing about these pots is you can use them on your regular stove as well.  If someday you are cooking for many people and need to use your regular stove, you can use these induction-friendly pots for cooking regularly. However, the opposite scenario isn't this convenient. That is, you will not be able to use your regular pots for cooking on your induction cooker. Thus, it is wise to buy pots that are friendly for your induction cooker.

Cookware Adapters

People who are passionate about cooking always have favorite cooking pots. Now it might appear that your favorite cookware is not compatible with your induction cook top for shape. Do not lose your heart, and there is a solution to that. These days, pan adapters are available in the market. These are heat diffusers. You will have to place the adapter on top of your induction cooker and your pot above it. The adapters are heat diffusers, so the heat will cook whatever it is inside the pot.

Final Words

For a cook, kitchenware or cooking ware are a matter of great importance. Passionate cooks believe that pots and pans influence the taste of food. We want all the cooks to have the best experiences, and this is why we have tried to share our expert's knowledge with all of you. After reading this, you will not have trouble selecting an induction-ready pot or knowing about your pot. What are you waiting for? Rush to your kitchen and check how many of your pots are induction ready. Cook today on your induction cooker, and be a part of the energy efficiency movement. And, now you know how to tell if cookware is induction ready. Happy cooking!

Photo by Sasha Kim from Pexels

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