Ideas for healthy snacks during the day

The period between meals can be a tricky thing when your goal is to eat clean and healthy. In that period of hunger out of boredom, everything sounds appealing. Especially those unhealthy snacks you have stashed in your kitchen that you are saving for when the guests come to visit. 

Our team at the Chicago weight loss clinic has decided to help you out and create a small list of healthy snack options to keep around in your kitchen for those particular moments. 

  • Banana Ice-cream

Yes, you read that correctly. Banana ice cream is a straightforward snack option that will make your tastebuds sing with joy. All you've got to do is mash up a banana or two until the consistency is smooth. You can use a blender if you own one and leave them to cool off in the freezer. This calcium and protein-filled ice cream snack will keep you full until your next meal and give you the strength you need for the rest of the day. If you aren't in the mood to make ice cream, eating a plain banana or two will suffice. 

  • Nut Mix

A handful of nut mix, and you're set till the next meal. Having a small stash of nuts in your kitchen or displayed in a bowl on your kitchen counter will prevent you from reaching for that chocolate for the guests. The best part is, they are available at every store. They are filled with various healthy fatty acids, calcium, magnesium, and antioxidants. Plus, you get the option to create your bowl mix and decide which nuts you prefer. 

  • Crunchy Veggies With Hummus 

Various veggies cut up into sticks and dipped in hummus are the best option for crunchy snack lovers. You can choose any vegetable. From bell peppers to cucumber and celery sticks. Whichever flavor you prefer. When it comes to hummus, choose natural-based ones that don't have additives added to them. It would be best if you examine the ingredients before deciding on one. You can have as many veggie sticks as you wish, seeing as they consist primarily of water and are low in calories. 

  • Dates

Dates are a must for those with sweet tooth. Many fear away from this fruit as they believe it's packed with sugar. But what they choose to oversee is that they're filled with nutrients and healthy sugar that packs your body with strength until the next actual meal. When eaten in moderation, this fruit is an excellent power-bite that will keep you full for the time being. 


When choosing your snack, you should opt for something that best suits your taste buds. Snacks can be enjoyable and healthy at the same time. The options for healthy snacks are endless. Having some healthy snack options stored in your kitchen cupboards is a good idea in case of sudden snack attacks. 

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