Is a House Move on The Horizon?


Your house might have been perfect when you first moved in, but as your lifestyle has changed and evolved, you might find yourself wishing you were somewhere more suitable. Maybe you’ve had children, added pets to your home or are caring for an elderly relative? Either way, it’s easy to find yourself in a position where your property no longer works for you. Here are some reasons why a house move might be imminent. 

You Need a Bigger Kitchen

A big kitchen is the stuff of dreams. Plenty of counter space, cupboards to store things, built in appliances and a large island for good measure. Perfectly practical when it comes to feeding your family but also good for entertaining and relaxing in as well. You could extend or remove some walls in your home if renovating is an option, although it’s not for everyone. Maybe you don’t have the upfront cash to make these changes. Maybe a ceiling price on your property means it wouldn’t be worth it value- wise. Either way, in some cases calling in the removalists and moving to a home which already has a suitable kitchen space is the more sensible option. 

You Want a Bigger Garden

You can extend your home and re-jig the layout to make the most of the space, but there’s one thing you can’t make bigger, and that’s the garden. There’s so much you can do in the backyard, from entertaining family and friends to growing produce to having space for pets and children to play. A bigger garden can quite literally change your life, so it’s definitely a valid reason to move. You could lay some decking or slabs and set up a large outdoor table for barbecues in the summer. You could have afternoon tea with the girls outside, or a garden party. You could set up a swing seat and relax in the evening with a glass of wine. You could create a veggie patch or set up a greenhouse. Whether you dream of a shaded pergola climbing with gorgeous flowers or a large pond with a water feature, if your current garden is far too small it could be a reason to up sticks and move elsewhere. 

You Don’t Like Your Area

Do you have nightmare neighbors, or has the area deteriorated? Are you too far from good schools, or are you fed up of living somewhere too busy? You can change your home, but you can’t change the area. If it’s not suitable, your only option would be to move. Sometimes this involves moving long-distance. Just be sure to do plenty of research into the new area, so you don’t end up in the same boat again. View the new house at different times of day, if there’s a shop or school nearby, it could get busy at certain times. Make sure there’s not a noisy road or train track nearby, and check out the local amenities to ensure it matches up with what you want. 

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Deniel Joshef
May 28, 2020 at 08:04:52
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Moving Into A Bigger Home
Jun 12, 2020 at 06:07:53
It’s not so easy to move from a location where you have been living there for 5 and more year, especially when you have school near you for the kids to not travel far and a park close by to exercise and take your dog for a walk, but if the house you’re in is not big enough for you, then you will have to start looking for a bigger place, moving location is not very difficult either, you will just have to find bigger house in a nice area and hire a removalist to move you to your new home, it will