Is Spring Too Early For A Barbecue? Absolutely Not!

Ever since the days started getting longer, the mornings started getting brighter and the seasonal sense of goodwill and cheer that are synonymous with spring started to pervade in your household you’ve been itching for an excuse to bust out the barbecue. After all, we’re shaking off the after effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder and the generally hermit like state that the winter months have inflicted upon us. No longer are we plagued by a need to hunker under a duvet and shovel snacks into our mouths in isolation. Instead we want to enjoy good food, fine wine and great conversation with our nearest and dearest. But does this mean that we have to wait until the onset of summer to throw a grill ‘n’ garden soiree that’s the stuff of legend for months to come? Absolutely not! Now’s the time to scrape the dust off the barbecue and start making your way through your contacts list for a spring barbecue that will impart your sense of seasonal cheer to your friends and family.

Get your garden gorgeous

There’s something psychologically resonant about the spring season that speaks to our primal instincts. We no longer feel that we need to hide from the weather. The world is in full bloom and crops are abundant. We’ve evolved to see the sprouting of plants and trees as a sign that we’ll be eating well in the coming months. Thus, as important as your food choices are (and you better believe we’ll be talking about them later) it’s also important that your garden is well maintained and bursting with the bright cheerful colors of spring.

Well in advance of the event, contact a company like ABC Home & Commercial Lawn Care to ensure that your lawn is lush, verdant and perfect for the demands of the event. You should also ensure that your garden is peppered with the plants and flowers which just scream “spring” like…

Carnations- They’re inexpensive, versatile, hardy and come in a multitude of colors.

Daffodils- What says spring better than these cheerful little yellow fellas?

Dahlias- Cheerful, colorful and gorgeous indoors or outdoors.

Peonies- They’re a symbol of energy and vitality, but also of health, wealth and success.

Food for the season

There’s a strong correlation between food and mood. And just as the mood of spring is subtly different to that of summer, so too your culinary choices should subtly differ from the traditional summer flavored fare that defines your average barbecue. Here are some great food choices for a spring barbecue that will be a breath of fresh air for your guests…

Tuscan Chicken with grilled fennel and onions-  A creamy sauce that uses garlic, cream, spinach and sun dried tomatoes will be a flavorsome complement to your barbecued veggies.

Grilled shrimp rolls with sorrel- Douse the shrimp in gin and and sherry for a boozy flush of flavor before grilling them on the barbecue.

Grilled fava bean pods- Grill these whole for a delicious smoky, nutty flavor. Probably not best served with a nice chianti.

Grilled artichokes- Artichokes are one of the most versatile and versatile veggies out there and taste amazing when flame grilled. Who says herbivores can’t have fun at a barbecue?

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