Join #RealMomsTalk with special guest, @OneHungryMama on Thurs, 5/26/16 at 7pm CST

Join #RealMomsTalk with special guest, @OneHungryMama on Thurs, 5/26/16 at 7pm CST

On Thursday, May 26, 2016 the #RealMomsTalk chat on Twitter sponsored by chemical-free cleaning brand, e-cloth will be featuring cookbook author and award-winning blogger, Stacie Billis of

About One Hungry Mama

When One Hungry Mama first launched, very few people were talking about artisan food, especially for families. Just getting people to think beyond the baby food jar was a challenge. But then something happened.

Before there was an edible garden at The White White House and the quickest-growing fast-food joint in America promoted farm-to-table eating, home cooking trends were about convenience. Thirty-minute meals became 15-minute meals and semi-homemade became a full-fledged cooking genre.  But now there’s shame and judgment if junior’s fruity snacks aren’t organic. We seem to have swung from one side of the pendulum to the other, and busy home cooks have been left stranded somewhere in the middle.

The shift in our larger food culture has made the same people who needed those convenience tricks feel terrible about using them. (In many cases, with good reasons having to do with our health and the health of our planet, but not in all cases.) And, at the same time, the rise in popularity of scratch cooking has led many to believe that, to do it, you have to pickle, can, grow, buy entirely organic, and otherwise commit to practices that are, for many of us home cooks, just not practical.

The result of all this swinging from one side to the other: Busy home cooks are more stressed than ever about getting healthy, home cooked meals on the table.

One Hungry Mama is a place where you can count on finding easy, healthy recipes that can flex with your schedule, budget, and frankly, time for and interest in cooking. I get that sometimes you want to cook from scratch (even if it’s just once a year) and other times you need help from the market. I also get that just because you want short cuts does not mean that you don’t care about what’s on your children’s plates.

There are no judgments here. Just recipes created with busy home cooks in mind who like the idea of keeping it healthy. Most times. (Because, come on, what’s life without Nutella.)

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About e-cloth

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Our aim is to supply the most effective, healthiest and most environmentally friendly cleaning products available at a good value to the consumer.

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