JonnyPops Pays It Forward with Jewel-Osco

JonnyPops Pays It Forward with Jewel-Osco

We’re in the midst of an August heatwave and the only thing my kids want besides trips to the pool are a never ending supply of frozen treats. And while we love the ice cream man as much as the next family, I can’t help but cringe when I take a peek at what’s in those colorful packages.


I discovered JonnyPops last summer when they arrived in Chicago stores and they’ve quickly become a summertime staple at my house. JonnyPops are all-natural fruit and cream pops made with only five ingredients: fresh fruit, real cream, natural cane sugar, purified water and a pinch of salt. They’re gluten-free and made in a nut-free factory, so not only can my kids and I enjoy them, but their friends, too.

If you’ve never had JonnyPops, now is the time! They’re launching a charitable initiative in Jewel-Osco stores throughout the region—starting today and running through 8/23, shoppers save $0.50 off the purchase of a box of pops (coupons available in store or print one here) and JonnyPops will donate an additional $0.50 to the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation to raise awareness of addiction and recovery efforts. Last summer, their first in Chicago, they donated several thousand dollars to the foundation and hope to beat that number this year.

Beyond being a better-for-you treat, JonnyPops is a brand with a mission that won me over. Started 5 years ago by four Minnesota college students, they founded the company to honor their friend Jonathan, who had the idea of a frozen treat that struck a balance between being decadent and unhealthy and icy and artificial. Before they could bring the idea to life, Jonathan died after struggling with addiction for several years. Today, they’ve built his dream into a business guided by their mission of “making the world a better place, one pop at a time.” 

Between ingredients I feel good about and values I can get behind, JonnyPops is the sweet of the season!

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