Keep Your Kitchen Cleaner with e-cloth

Keep Your Kitchen Cleaner with e-cloth

e-cloth is the worldwide leader in chemical-free cleaning - this means that you can clean with just water and a cloth, no chemicals needed.  e-cloth’s products allow you to eliminate the use of these toxic household cleaners and create clean, safe, kitchen surfaces with less effort than traditional cleaning methods. e-cloth also cleans better than your current method in less time using just water and a cloth. The following cloths are the best for a spotless kitchen:

Cooking seems to naturally breed tough messes. The Kitchen Cloth has a special non-scratch scrubbing pocket that gently and effectively removes hardened messes on any hard surface and on non-stick surfaces without scratching surfaces. It’s the perfect companion!

Keep General Purpose Cloths handy so you can tackle spills. Messes happen all the time. Don’t give them time to become disasters. This handy cloth easily replaces rolls and rolls of paper towels.  Wipe down the surface, rinse out the cloth, and then wait for the next disaster.

Save time by using the one-two punch of the Wash & Wipe Dish Cloths and Washing Up Pad, for a presentable kitchen and dishes and glasses that sparkle.

Oil and water are an unlikely pair. The powerful grease gathering fibers of the Kitchen Dynamo act like absorbent sponges and just like that, the oily mess is gone. The water enables the cloth to capture everything and leave the surface film-free.

Give dull stainless steel a new life with the Stainless Steel Pack. Brighten your kitchen, remove all the annoying finger marks and leave surfaces smear-free, streak-free and polished, creating a kitchen you want to show off.  

Range & Stovetop Pack 
Stubborn cooked-on, burnt-on messes don’t have to become permanent stovetop decorations. Instead, e-cloth scrubbing stripes give the Range & Stovetop Cloth extra power for cleaning all types of cooking spills creating a kitchen you’re proud of.

With a few cloths, your daily kitchen clean up will become less of a chore and you’ll have more time to enjoy with your family. Best of all, these reusable cloths are guaranteed for 300 machine washes and you can use them time and time again. Clean chemical-free and live healthier with e-cloth.

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