Keeping Your Family Safe At Home

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No one wants to feel unsafe in their own home but unfortunately, some people do. Here are some excellent tips for making your home more secure and safe. 

When you go out, make it look like you are home

If a burglar thinks someone is home, they are less likely to try to break in. In truth, most burglaries occur while no one is home, usually during the day when you are at work or out. The good news is that there are a number of straightforward home security suggestions that can fool would-be burglars, such as keeping the TV on or using a device like a smart plug to control lights from your smartphone. Stopping the mail, paying someone to maintain your yard, and asking a friend to visit periodically are all things you should do before leaving on vacation. 

Think about your garden

As important as it is to secure your home's inside, you should also secure your yard. Maintaining trimmed bushes and other plants is one of our favorites home security tips since thieves love hiding places. Using a strong padlock to secure sheds or other outbuildings and installing motion sensor lighting are two other suggestions for burglar-proofing your yard. 

Use your backup key clandestinely

Only a proficient burglar has the capacity to locate "hidden" exterior keys. Avoid hiding your spare keys in plain sights, such as under the doormat or in a planter. Keep your spare key hidden somewhere less noticeable, at least 50 feet away from your residence. 

Change the entrance 

Although it is more expensive and requires more knowledge, this home security tip is well worth it. Instead of a standard wooden front door, you should secure your property with a steel core door or another security door because robbers won't hesitate to shatter weak front doors.

Install the necessary hardware for doors

For your front door's burglar-proof deadbolt, you can spend hundreds of dollars. However, if you think that will deter most burglars, you're deluding yourself. The truth is that the majority lack lock-picking skills. With one extremely well-placed kick or body slam that cracks the doorjamb (and frequently the door as well), they gain entry and proceed to enter. The good news is that by fortifying your door and jamb with reinforcing gear, you may halt intruders in their tracks.

Install surveillance systems at home 

The installation of indoor and outdoor home security cameras is one of the most common things people tell us they wish they'd known about before their property was burglarized. In addition, if your house is broken into, the video from your security camera can help law enforcement track down the intruders. 

There are several different types of home security cameras. Others are a part of whole home security systems, while some are available for purchase as independent security devices. The most effective cameras are those that have features like motion detection, night vision, and built-in Wi-Fi. You can purchase an apartment intercom system with a door release if you live in one.

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